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Our store features morale boosting product to help you just start your journey to purpose, creativity and excitement.

Motivational Dentist

I came from Hood2Hooded

Much of my story if derived from my battle with overcoming adversity. Through all of my test and trials, it motivated me to create blueprints to success so that other people may avoid some of the pitfalls I've encountered along the way.

  • Affirmations

    The Positive Vibes ONLY Syndrome Book is the perfect place to jumpstart a life of positive energy and the ultimate fulfillment.

  • Self-Worth

    Every product designed by our team is aimed to help Queens all over the world to feel appreciated and valued despite their circumstances.

  • Health

    As a doctor in the field of dentistry, it is my hopes to continue creating produt and guides that encourage others to continue leading active, healthy lifestyles. We expose the benefits of good oral hygiene during many of our product and programs.

  • Purpose

    The most important goal of this store is to improve the value of one's purpose through channeling positive energy.

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You are Enough!

Positive Vibes ONLY Syndrome

Everything you need to boost your morale. 

  • Breaking Generational Curses Together

    Every day is a new opportunity to over the odds. Wake up with a mission to take one step at a time, in the right direction.

  • Goal Setting

    Stop procrastinating and step out on faith. Everything you desire can become a reality with hustle, dedication and consistency to working smarter, not harder.

  • Tenacity

    Do you have the tenacity to avoid making excuses and playing the victim? Are you ready to elevate to the next level?

  • Anti- Comfort Zone

    The comfort zone is a place that keeps many potential dreamers from starting their goals and escaping poverty. What will it take for you to get sick and tired of your comfort zone?

  • Peace & Life

    Surround yourself with positive books such as Positive Vibes ONLY Syndrome and other affirmation books to change the mood anytime you feel burned out.