What does it mean to be 100% QUEEN?

You can’t get these vibes just anywhere.

What does it mean to be 100% QUEEN?

Every woman reaches a new level in life once she begins to recognize her worth. Being mindful of your internal value is a key component to being a Queen. We are all Queens inside, but in order to bring forth that Queen-Power, work must be done. There is no faith without works.

100% QUEENS do it Better. We never throw shade at another Queen in hopes that it will brighten our light and dim theirs. This is totally un-Queenlike. Queens uplift Queens. When we make a mistake, we apologize. We love harder and do things from kindness versus motive. A Queen is so confident in herself. She is unafraid to compliment or uplift another Queen because she knows that it will allow both of them to shine. When in darkness the more light, the better.

100% QUEENS don’t take crap from people. We are not push overs. We are protectors of our peace. We know that if a space clouds our light, it’s best to remove ourselves from that space. We fight for our rights. We follow our dreams unapologetically. We don’t make excuses about the things we lack because we have faith. Our faith is what makes us bold enough to walk with our heads high and crowns on.

100% QUEENS are strong-minded, beautiful creations adored by God. We are winners. Some days may be more difficult than others, but we still keep pushing. We never quit.

I send you positive vibes today FamILY, Kings, and Queens. I pray that you are smiling where you stand. Things are still shaky in the state of New York but thankfully the Coronavirus has slowed down its treacherous path. Prayers will continue to rise from my end. Stay faithful. And keep doing your best everyday. I love you all. Hopefully Summer 2020 will be better to us?

– Dr. Shon


2 thoughts on “What does it mean to be 100% QUEEN?”

  1. Hi Queen, I enjoyed your blog regarding what does it mean to be 100 % Queen. Thank you for sharing. These words are excellent reminders of the importance of staying focused.
    Be well and stay safe and have a blessed and amazing new week ahead
    Mrs. Tee

    1. Thank you Mrs Tee for reading my blog. I really appreciate the love. Yes prayers for the new week… There is always a blessing and a lesson in each week. Sending love Queen. 💕🙏🏾👑

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