Are you ready to become W.E.L.L. – T.H.Y.?

Have you ever sat at your desk, wondering what it would be like to be healthier and set high standards for the quality of your life. Can you imagine what it would feel like to really step out on faith and follow your dreams, in a healthier, more energetic manner? Well, join Dr. Shon, the motivational dentist for a short, intense course to help you go from pessimistic and out of shape to motivated and W.E.L.L.-T.H.Y.

Dr. Shon’s W.E.L.L.-T.H.Y theory teaches students steps to approach life with a dedicated focus on building the body and mind for accomplishing difficult tasks and reaching life setting goals.

In this 45 Minute Course you will be engaged with key tactics to help revitalize your day to day routine and increase the passion for your dreams. This course breaks down the reasons why you should increase your attention on health which will automatically increase your potential for added success.

Key Objectives

  • Increase knowledge regarding the risks of poor health and hardworking mentality
  • Teach tips to decrease your frustration and anxiety about future business plans
  • Encourage a better mood and perspective on the value of time, wellness, and overall quality of life
  • How to place more value on your health and quality of life without feeling guilty about financial obligations.
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