The Meaning of it All…

What is the meaning of it all? Life is advancing at a pace far beyond our normality. Our daily routines have become hardly recognizable. The Novel Coronavirus 2019 is the talk of every town, city, well… the world. Where do we go from here?

In many households, including my own, this moment, our testing moment, aligns with the opportunity to grow. Growth is essential to becoming wiser. There are several levels to life that help us grow, we’ve only just begun to explore the many possibilities. In order to seize the moment, fear shall have no place in our ambience. March 25, 2020 presents as a a moment to seek understanding and peace despite it all. Life is like the stock market, some days up, some days down. Are we prepared for the moment?

In this moment we pray. And we pray hard. We laugh, we love, we bond to the fabric of family. These times provide understanding to our character and truly test of our faith. Globally we face the same issue. Constant chaos, too much Corona-News, and escalating panic are a huge threat to our sanity, prayer is of the essence right now. Prayer is the foundation to all blessings, it is needed on good days and bad days. Pray for all across the world, all people, all cities, families, children, the elderly, doctors, nurses, medical services, and everyone pushing towards a newer, brighter day. I pray for you reading this and I pray for me. I pray for everyone. Never in our time, have we expected a pandemic. This is historical but we will never, ever fold. Will you be strong enough to withstand the storm? Yes. Are we prepared to overcome any obstacle and fighting for our dreams? Double yes!

Our testing moment will be no easy feat. This requires a strong mind, as well as, a clear heart. Stronger minds recognize pressure at a much quicker rate than the ill prepared mind. A powerful mind harbors zero tolerance for pessimism. This testing moment defines our character. It arouses us from our comfort zone. Testing moments are temporary, I look at them as a golden opportunity to build the spirit. I’m using the Coronavirus Pandemic as a time to help structure better coping skills. I especially aim to disallow negative moments to taint my mind. It is easy to get off track when life forces you to pause. Although part of me really needed a pause, I worry most about the lives on the frontline. We mustn’t allow life to consume our mind. The best way to relieve these toxic thoughts is by practicing meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, pilates, drawing, reading, and/or writing. These are all ways to channel good vibes from this moment. Turn negativity into a creative works of art. In the end, the release of tension is also a nice reward.

The meaning of it all really encourages us to find the silver lining. This moment can’t hold you back. Embrace the changes and find a new way to grow everyday. Could this be a new path in your life? Ask God to give you a new direction. Life may have mundane moments but once we seek normality and peace, everything will reveal a silver lining. What is the meaning of it all, in your life? Have you discovered the silver lining? Did you pray about it?

Until next time, I send love, peace, and prosperity. I pray this quarantine doesn’t make me gain 30 lbs, I can’t seem to stop eating. Yikes! Blessings Kings & Queens. – Dr. Shon (Motivational Dentist)

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