God request that we be the best version of ourselves!

Positive vibes aren’t just a temporary fix, it’s a energy that shifts your mindset to a negativity free zone. It’s time to denounce life’s joy killers! Are you eager for more positive energy ? One way to get more positive energy flow is by repeating daily affirmations, preferably in the morning before launching your day.Continue reading “God request that we be the best version of ourselves!”

Black Out Tuesday

For the next seven days, I challenge myself to blackout a few things. This will include all personal social media activity, any foods that are non-alkaline, and stress. I will replace these things with water, exercise for at least 45-60 mins per day, yoga, and meditation. This will be the ultimate test of my willContinue reading “Black Out Tuesday”

Social Media Detox

On Monday September 22, 2019, I decided to take a detox from social media. Today is day 3 of my detox. Why did I decide to detox? Well, nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others all require too much dedication for a few likes and shares. I’ve been planning thisContinue reading “Social Media Detox”

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