Is being a dentist really tough?

Is being a dentist really tough? Well, that’s a really great question. Some days I find it hard to get out of the bed. Some days I wish I could have chose another career option. Yes, being a dentist is super tough. Being a first generation doctor comes with all types of first generation stress.Continue reading “Is being a dentist really tough?”

God request that we be the best version of ourselves!

Positive vibes aren’t just a temporary fix, it’s a energy that shifts your mindset to a negativity free zone. It’s time to denounce life’s joy killers! Are you eager for more positive energy ? One way to get more positive energy flow is by repeating daily affirmations, preferably in the morning before launching your day.Continue reading “God request that we be the best version of ourselves!”

Don’t even think about quitting!

This week was one of the toughest, busiest weeks I’ve experienced in quite a while. I mean, there was patient after patient. But survival of the fittest means pushing through the difficult days. And of course, quitting is not an option. It means hustling hard even on days when you’re exhausted beyond wits’ end. IContinue reading “Don’t even think about quitting!”

Having a bad day!

Have you ever experienced one? What is considered a bad day? Is it the things you expect not to happen, actually happening? Or is it not meeting your expectations to the fullest potential? Or… Could it simply be, you didn’t want to deal with certain emotions because you knew certain emotions would drain your positiveContinue reading “Having a bad day!”

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