Spread Love, not Coronavirus.

Shonteral Redmond, DDS

General Dentist

Last Updated 03/14/2020

So… let’s talk about this Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). I really felt the magnitude of this pandemic approaching but I didn’t want to panic. So instead, I decided praying would be the best option. My prayers included a special request to stop the brewing madness. Everyday I wished COVID-19 would stop spreading. Leave us aloneee!!! Would this entire nightmare blow over like any other viral social media post? Or like America’s temporary Popeyes Chicken Sandwich infatuation? I had no clue. The daily news of the COVID-19 seemed unreal. As it spread first to the television networks, radio stations, all social media platforms, I knew it was not going to be over fast. There is now the feeling of being in a science fiction movie rather than a global pandemic.

As a healthcare professional, especially a dentist, knowledge about the route of transmission set off a red flag. According to the Center for Disease Control COVID-19 primarily spreads through air droplets, coughing, sneezing, blowing nose, and human to human contact.  Within 1 week, a discomforting thought has become the reality for millions all around the round. From Wuhan, China to Italy, to the United Kingdom, and America… COVID-2019 is a shocking and unpredictable monster. Things may become serious for everyday life according to the predictions made on the WHO website. Taking care of the oral cavity, while understanding the impact infections of the mouth have on overall health is a part of my everyday life. As a result, we are taking extra precautions in the office and rescheduling appointments for sick patients. We are also following Universal Precautions and professional level sanitation standards to assure we help prevent the spread of this disease. I pray we don’t have to close our doors and leave so many patients with toothaches and dental trauma without a place to go.

All attempts should be made to remain positive and hopeful about the future. This too shall pass. Honestly,  I am nervous. Like, I’m super nervous. I’m super scared. I’m scared for the families. The kids and babies. The mothers and fathers who now have to miss work. I am praying for all including the medical professionals on the front line. It’s all hands on deck. I pray for the world. Be an optimist! During this time read, write, drink lots of water, catch up on NetFlix, watch old movies, new movies, eat popcorn, stay healthy, workout. Chill out. Stay safe. Don’t travel unless it’s a medical emergency. Prepare to be quarantined for the next few weeks. Check on your family and friends. Most importantly, wash your hands. The world is at a standstill right now.

I don’t even understand how to prepare for it but as so many people prepare it forces your hand to take at least a little precautions. COVID-19 will impact you. Many stores have run out of items such as hand sanitizer restrictions on ordering for the next 6 months. Bleach, toilet tissue, paper towels, cleaning products, medications, can goods, box pasta, frozen vegetables are cleared from the grocery store shelves.  I predicted this on Wednesday during a conversation with my assistant Shareese. I said, “Shareese go stock up Queen because the stores are about to be empty. It’s already happened where I live.” She was surprised. Last week I mentioned it spreading infection to her while it rampaged the country of Italy. Now it’s in 100+ countries. 

I’m like WTF! What is going to happen when patients with toothache have symptoms of Covid-19? How do we protect our staff? What are the rules for dealing with something of this magnitude? How do we handle this from every aspect? I have so many unanswered questions.

Please be safe and take all Universal Precautions while the world battles this biological catastrophe. Dental Professionals can learn more about how to deal with the virus via the American Dental Association website.

We must disallow the fear of this virus to impede our spirit and control our lives.  But at the same time I’ve nearly become terrified at the length of time it could take to allow the disease to reach its peak infection rate here in the United States. It’s all about sticking together without seeing each other, how strange? Iconic places such as the National Basketball Association , Broadway in New York City, and the Barclays Center have temporarily closed their doors. Churches, schools, and other public gathering places around the world have also adopted the no close contact philosophy. CODVID-19 has the potential to spread fast in a city like New York City because people live on top of each other. In the year 2020, with all the super technological advances in the world, it is astonishing as to why don’t we have a plan in place to combat issues that create global pandemonium such as biological warfare type catastrophe. I’m praying for everybody, especially the elderly like my grandmother who resides in an assisted living facility. Dear God, please protect our elders. 

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Kings & Queens, my message today is to spread love not the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Do whatever you can to avoid panicking. Now it’s time for prayers, prayers, prayers,  prayers, prayers, and say it again, prayer! Be strategic. God be with us. Amen 

Shonteral L. Redmond, DDS

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