Can I thrive in an environment designed for me to fail?

Coney Island Happiness

Repeat After Me: Yes, I can and I will. Nothing can stop me.

I must admit, thriving in an environment, designed for failure, well that was tough! But God!

People used to look my siblings and I, like the dirty poor kids without parents. —> mom dead, father absent.

They thought they could do anything they wanted to us. It’s funny how people believe kids don’t remember bad treatment, or they assume you’ll end up just another statistic. They damn sure said I would be a teenage mother, poor and well… helpless! 🗣

But I always knew God made me special, regardless of my environment. Many days I cried in silence because as a child, in many ways you are helpless.

We spent several miserable years grieving our mother and fighting other demons!

At the early age of 7, after losing my mom, it became my #1 life mission to escape poverty, misery, and disgust.

I prayed to escape folks who didn’t love us enough to understand that we were already broken into a million little pieces.

We required love, not manipulation.

The fact that God’s favor isn’t based on other folks opinion provides me with a heart full of joy!

I bet those same people now say:
“I would have never thought she would become a doctor after going thru all that!”

Moral of the story ⬇️
Nothing can stop me! Periodt!
Nothing can stop you! Periodt!

We mustn’t internalize negativity! Life is full of opportunities and excitement once we learn to be positive and maintain an “I can do all things,” attitude!

Stay strong #KingandQueenSquad Live your best life today, not tomorrow!

Positive Vibes Only Syndrome is required to overcome your obstacles!

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