New Year, New Vibes, Positivity ONLY

Dr. Shon in Timesquare, NYC
Dr. Shon in Timesquare, NYC

It’s 2022, and I’m all about enjoying and spreading positive vibes as much as I can. Every day is a new opportunity to level up and love the skin you’re in. Sometimes curve balls get thrown into the mix, but that’s how life works. This year and during the rest of your viability, make zero apologies for increasing the potential for blessings entering your life. On the same token, a conscience decrease in your availability for negative energy from anyone is imperative. It’s simply not worth it. Disallow these vibes to enter your atmosphere.

Dr. Shon in Timesquare, NYC

We are all worth being in our best state of mind. Every day I am learning how to master the art of transforming lemons into lemonade. When a challenge arises in your life, never fold, don’t cry, refuse to quit, just boss up in every way attainable. Be confident in who you are and everything that you embody. Maintaining positive vibes is one of the most arduous tasks you can master because negative energy is all around, but it’s up to you to determine if that type of poor energy will infect your “best life vibes.”

Sometimes God challenges us because his desire is for us to rise above the odds through faith. Sometimes God challenges us because he desires for us to rise above the odds through the demonstration of faith and persistent focus on the good. When your energy is distracted by bullsh*t, it shifts your entire mood to the left. Fostering a passion for the refinement of your character most certainly is no overnight job; this requires loads of dedication. As we grow and build a strong shield of honor in who we are, life will emit more positive energy that we can use on a difficult day. Blessings in abundance tend to overflow when you stay the course to your purpose and dismiss all diversions from the primary, most motivating goals.

Believe that you are well equipped to master the art of positive energy in every situation you encounter. Refuse to play any games with your inner and outer peace of mind, no matter how hard it becomes to stay solid without giving up on your purpose.

There are several ways to stay the course and get rid of negative energy. First, seek gentleness with yourself even when your hot button is getting pressed over and over again. Trust the process and path that God has laid before your eyes. Second, focus on positive things and learn how to detect circumstances that attract engaging efficacious energy. When I say don’t let anybody play with you, you better not! Don’t even allow your to play with you!

Dr. Shon in Timesquare, NYC

“Positive vibes only” must be your go-to motto when you require inspiration to manifest dreams or goals that seem nearly impossible. Remember that all things, including your scariest goals, are super possible with God right by your side as a tour guide through life. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and fly high in the clouds of fruitfulness. Maybe it’s time for you to spread your wings and soar towards greatness in every sense of the word. Building self excellence is an inside job and is absolutely required to defy the most daunting odds. No matter what you’re going through, trust God the entire time. When the clouds turn grey and tornadoes embark on your path, bringing along heavy rain and life-threatening winds; just pray. Release those fears into the palm of God’s hands.


Manifest and grab your best life and positive vibes only RIGHT NOW! Wasting time is so old-fashioned. Have a prosperous, bountiful year, Kings & Queens! You-Got-This! Period!

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