Motivational Monday

Greetings Kings and Queens around the world. Today, I feel so strange. Why? Because as we speak (or as you read this blog), the world is still battling the Coronavirus Pandemic after nearly an entire year. Honestly, when this while virus thing began, I had no its it would last this long. Each day I wake up only to realize that this is all but a dream. Nothing happening in America, across the world is fair to any of us. I have found it much more difficult to maintain a balanced sense of motivation and connectivity with all the social distancing and internet family time. It seems the morale is low across the world. We are all searching for a brighter, optimistic future. Today, I want to encourage you to stay motivated.

I am motivated to strive for better in my everyday surroundings and life. If you feel like you’re not where you thought your goals would lead you, that’s ok. Don’t be too hard on yourself. There is enough weight on our shoulders as we face restrictions and sickness around the globe. Did you ever think we would see such disheartening times? Did you ever think that freedom to travel and visit family and friends would be defined as a ”frowned upon” activity. Neither did I.

New York state has banned travel since the beginning of the pandemic. As a result, my fiance’ and I haven’t traveled outside of the state of New York since January 2020. Furthermore, restaurants and business across America are being closed due to capacity limitations. Children and parents are dealing with learning virtually. I’m sure everyone is wishing for an increase ambition and drive for the New Year. But that’s going to be very hard. Everything seems harder than in the past few decades. But do not worry, the quality of life will get better. We must continue with an encouraging outlook.

In this moment we should use it as an opportunity to prove that nothing can break our pride and joy. We must contain our willpower to succeed. We have the stamina will overcome all the odds. Odds are something that I’m all too familiar with. And you can overcome them, just as I’ve done in the past. We’ve all been through tough times and it’s never easy. The biggest blessing is coming out of these difficult times stronger and wiser.

Today, remember the reason why you wake up everyday. No matter how many new, uncertain trials come your way, stay strong. You are beautiful. You are brilliant. You can win. You can accommodate your dream. Now is the time to step out on faith. Don’t be afraid or unapologetic. Show gratitude and fearlessness.

Have a Motivated Monday!

Dr. Shon

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