Motivation for spreading your wings. Living a purposefully graceful life.

Stepping out into new terrain

Greetings Kings and Queens. What drives your daily motivation to wake up each day with a positive mindset? Or do you wake up in a mindless clutter? Perhaps, you don’t even think about it at all. But imagine if we all woke up full of admiration to be the best person we can be from the inside out. I’m talking spirituality, physically and mentally. All three areas require a well balanced, guided mind. How do we obtain that? The answer lies within.

Grace is defined as elegance or certain will. It’s important to be graceful with thinking and moving, especially when it comes to our main objectives in life. Positive thinking drives thoughts into action. They help the mind focus on the task. Use elegance when thinking about your future and all the goodwill that is going to come your way. Some people never take the opportunity to spread their wings because it can be a scary thing. But I didn’t say it wasn’t worth it. Spreading your wings towards your greatest potential invites so many blessings into your life. It invites all your hearts desires and dreams into consummation.

What key steps can you take to help you overcome fear and spread your wing?

  1. Wake up in prayer. Everyday feed your mind positive affirmations such as ”I can do anything I put my kind today.” ” Today is going to be a great day.”
  2. Don’t stress about things beyond your control. Keep your thoughts clear from substandard ideation. You win some, you lose some but everyday is a new opportunity to breakthrough all your obstacles.
  3. Be a leader. Leaders are ambitious, creative, and unafraid to dream despite the risk of failing. Failure is only a lesson. Keep going until your accomplish your goals.
  4. Take your time but don’t go so slow that you never start your goals. Progress is a baby step process. Be eager to make a list and check out task a little at a time. There is a high reward in daily strides towards your dreams. Always began how you want to end. Began with a bang and end with a bang.
  5. Make lemonade! Life will hand you a heap of lemons. What you do with them, that’s all up to you. I’ve learned to love lemonade. It’s the sweeter version of the bad things that happen to you. If something bad comes to ruin your day, think about a positive thing you can can learn from the experience. That’s how you make lemonade. Seeing the good in all.

Life is about choices. Go ahead and fly. It’s your time. No one can spread your wings except you. Trust the process and go through it with dignity and grace. Be excited about waking up to start fresh. Give yourself time and patience to elevate.

When I started this journey to becoming a dentist it seemed like a never ending mountain. But God! Through the blood, sweat and tears I made it. Be dedicated to your dreams regardless of how many lemons come in your bag. Regardless of how many nights you must sacrifice to pass that exam. Regardless of how many people doubt you. Regardless if you don’t have everything you need. Stay the course. Stay focused. Crush those lemons… Add some sweetness I.e. Positive vibes… And mix… Think about it like this, the more lemons… The more lemonade. Drink up!

God made your wings durable enough to fly and conquer all that comes your way. As the winds blows and lifts you higher and higher into the arms of financial and mental freedom, stay focused. Stay strong. If you could be anything, what would you become? DReam BIG!

Kings and Queens it’s your time to soar. Reach high and dream bigger than big. The sky is not your limit.

Yours Truly, Dr. Shon (Motivational Dentist)

Comment and let me know what helps you stay focused on your goals?

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