We are dedicated to inspiring kid DReamers! Period. This is our mission:

  • Inspire youth from disadvantaged background to dream bigger and bigger and bigger (Yes!)
  • Fostering dreams out of the ordinary amongst all children including careers in business, enterpreneurship, science, math, and technology
  • Encouraging kids to discover their fullest potential thru exposure to positive leaders and role models in their community
  • Build a scholarship fund that awards scholarships to disadvantaged youth and underserved enrolled in school from grades k-professional school.
  • Inspire, provide mentorship, and scholarship to future doctors in disadvantaged/underserved communities
  • Motivate DReamergency Walkers across the globe to set goals that will brighten their future
  • Promote generational wealth vs. generational curses
  • Build character skills
  • Provide a resource for kid DReamers to receive assistance with college applications, tutoring, and other key skills required to accomplish their goals
Tallahassee Democrat, ’17

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