Making plans for November! 🍂🍁🌾

Wow, I can’t believe this year is nearing an end. Hello November! What a journey it has been thus far. Wouldn’t you agree? This month, I am actually glancing onward while discerning a few changes that could give rise to an improvement in life goals. For one, I would prefer to make a comeback with self care and soul growth. I’ll be honest, I’ve slightly allowed my beauty routine to slack. But by nature, health is wealth. This pandemic has been extremely exhausting to routines and how we maintain our daily balance in every way. It’s far more difficult to focus on eating healthy and maintaining good workouts during this uncertainty of a time. One thing that has kept me partially balanced is my inconsistent weekly yoga sessions. That’s mainly because my body mostly craves it after a long day at the dental office, fighting a shit load of caries. It seems that people despise the dental office and all it’s bright lights, irritating sounds, and mainly the needle. They hate it to the point where they’d rather allow caries spread uncontrollably eating away their enamel. In addition, stress builds with travel restrictions such as the one in New York, cancelled family vacations, and disrupted life routines. Things have taken a sudden pause. Vastly much of the world is different and hopes longer that it will ever be the same. I’d be happiest when the pandemic comes to an end, but the year is nearly over and it’s still going.

Next, I would like to see the 3rd Annual Virtual DReamergency Walk come to life. It’s my life passion to inspire the youth and continue my mother’s legacy. Covid has forced our team to cancel travel plans back to my village in order to connect and inspire disadvantaged and underserved dreamers. If there is a will, there is a way. This year’s theme is My DReams are Essential. This statement speaks volumes. Dreams still matter. Right now there are so many kids impacted by the abrupt change of learning environment. Many kids and parents are battling having to attend school via online modules. Dreams are on the line. Our mission with the Doris Denise Jackson Foundation and the DReamergency Walk is to encourage kids to keep dreams alive despite the odds. The scholarship component of the walk are focused on rewarding our future leaders for the efforts, studying hard and never relinquishing their goals when crisis strike.

Furthermore, I will officially be completed with one major goal, one that has taken quite some time this month. I’ts extremely sensational to have come so close to accomplishing such a feat. One thing is for sure: hard work pays off. So, my ode to you Kings and Queens, keep growing and elevating as this year concludes. How will you make this month count towards a brighter future? If you’re in the United States, will you make the effort to vote on November 3rd. Will you find ways to reconnect with family and friends while staying safe during coronavirus? Will you discover a new hobby that consumes more of your free time than the internet and social media notifications? Will you, too, get back to your self care and healthy routines? Time is of the essence my friends. Don’t allow the moments worries to block your vision and purpose.

This month will have challenges but make the best of everything in your favor. Stay focused on the goals you’ve set for yourself, your family, the community, and your business. This is just a little reminder from me, to you with intentions of sharing a good vibe. Stay safe Kings and Queens. Stock up your household with can goods, sanitary items, and health care supplies before another outbreak happens. Be prepared and observe the world around you. Read a book. Join a book club. Enjoy life. Wear a mask. Spread joy and kindness. There is too much hate being placed on platforms that aim to bring fear, but fear not. Love more. Fight for equality and justice unapologetically. Become the best version of you. Do that every day. Oh yeah, get your shine totally on!

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