Let Your Mind Breathe. Learn to Fly!

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Understanding the mind comes with time, wisdom, and patience . – Dr. Shon

Much too often we allow the weight of the world to rest comfortably on our shoulders without a care. Each day hustling and bustling until our minds become convoluted with the pollution of our thoughts, ideas, worries and frustrations. But now is the time to allow your mind to heal. As the seasons change we must continue our journey towards growth.

Understanding the power of the mind comes with time, wisdom, and patience. Peace should be one of life’s ultimate goals. I believe we are all entitled to it’s benefits. But exactly how do we obtain “peace,” What is peace? Is it imperative to the quality of our mental health status? Does peace have an impact on our ability to allow our dreams to soar higher than an eagle? These are questions that I’ve pondered. And my is answer: Absolutely!

Peace is defined as “tranquility from disturbance.” Tranquil means the quality or state of being calm. Are we calm in the spirit, body, and soul? Peace is obtained by allowing the body to heal and relax without pressure.

7 Ways To Develop A Tranquil, Peaceful Mindset!

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Learning to Soar. Let your mind breathe.

  • Find relaxing techniques that help to calm your thoughts. For example, yoga, meditation, long walks, swimming, and/or cooking.
  • Discover a new hobby or talent. Take a shot at painting, writing, dancing. Trying new things helps to relax the body and bring awareness to new parts of the mind.
  • Declutter your thoughts, detox your world. Get things organized and simplified. Clear your work space and home for a more tranquil, relaxing environment.
  • Don’t overdo it. Doing too much, all the time takes a toll on your body. Slow down.
  • Escape for a while. Read a novel or watch your favorite tv show to help clear your thoughts.
  • Take full responsibility of how you react to others. Be clear with your intentions and never allow the actions of others to disturb your peace. Return to situations when you are in a clear mind.
  • Prioritize peace over problems. Learning to fly requires peace as the ultimate flight attendant. Without peace on your flight, chaos is inevitable.
Ithaca Falls, New York

Peace is very important in maintaining mental clarity and spiritual clarity. Maintaining peace is a very difficult task but with wisdom, it is maintained effortlessly. We are all in charge of our own peace as best we know how. And if we desire more of it, we must become more of it. When your spirit is happy and peaceful… God smiles. So King’s & Queens, let’s learn to fly. Grab your flight attendant (peace) and soar like an eagle, higher than an eagle. Are you ready to let your mind breathe?

– Dr. Shon

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