Keep rising to the top Kings & Queens! Break those generational curses.

Nothing was handed to me. Imagine if I was raised in the house with momma and/or daddy! My children will know better. I wish to leave a legacy and roadmap for them to follow. That’s how you break generational curses. It starts with one person. Every generation can’t say f*ck the next generation and just keep living life. Parents should be ready to invest knowledge, time, and wisdom if they are ready to bring life into the world. Never abandon your seeds. They need your encouragement and motivation. I wanted different so I refused to allow my circumstances to dictate my faith in God! Sometimes you have to plant, water, and nurture your own seed. But God will always deliver on a miracle if you remain consistent and focused.

Keep rising to the top #Kings and #Queens

Will you be the first in your family to break generational curses? Will you be the parent that invest in your child? It matters. DReam BIG!

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