Having a bad day!

Have you ever experienced one?

What is considered a bad day? Is it the things you expect not to happen, actually happening? Or is it not meeting your expectations to the fullest potential? Or… Could it simply be, you didn’t want to deal with certain emotions because you knew certain emotions would drain your positive energy? And about Mondays, these are high-risk for being imperfect aka bad days. Mondays begin the work week for majority of Americans and if it doesn’t go well, sometimes it can put a damper in the remainder of your week. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be true, especially if you determine to think optimistically instead. Unfortunately, bad days require perspicacious drive and agility to overcome the impending feelings of doom and hopelessness. Bad days suck!!!

The real question is, what is the nucleus of your bad day? How did it began? Are you able to pin point exactly where the lesson is to be learned? Furthermore, what is the best solution for one of these hair pulling, cranky mood filled days? Well, that depends. For instance, yesterday, I had a bad day. From early in the morning things just didn’t go right. On the drive to work, there was about one mile of construction work which I was unprepared for, especially since I had a later start. The slow traffic from the construction threw my arrival time off by 10 minutes. Dump trucks going 10 miles per hour with a 45 minute commute is no fun. After making it to work, initially, I felt confident. I felt that things would get back on track. The first patient.. a breeze. My assistant Sue and I knocked the case out in a jiffy. From that point on, my expectations continued to fall short of my goals. A few wrong lab cases and it was back to “genesis,” as Dr. Tyus (my Prosthodontics Professor at Meharry Medical Medical College) would say to us nearly everyday of our sophomore year. Back in those days it was dentures, yesterday is was hassle with a crown. Those things are tedious. As a student in Dr. Tyus’ class, we learned that sometimes mistakes even if minor means you have to start over to get the best results for the patient. In my case, I didn’t have to start over completely, but partly, it was a test of strength and patience. On top of that more things continued to spiral out of control. Could I regroup after feeling like my dental world was tumbling down? I hoped so…

Yesterday taught me to never allow a bad day to consume all of my energy. These days are only temporary. Now as a doctor, yes I have bad days. But as a professional, the patient’s expectations is that, “the doctor should not be sick, out, or having a bad day.” But we are only human; So much weight is placed on the shoulders of doctors, to make sure we meet every patient request. After all this is our purpose, this is our calling, to give our best each and everyday. Our patients deserve only the best of us. But… bad days happen. And I realized quickly, the lesson is the best part of a bad day.

How do you avoid sulking in the effects of a bad day? Never accept denial as an option, recognize your bad day and find a detour. Yesterday I knew I needed to regroup, learn from the days lesson, and start over. Like the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.”

Today, I learned so much about myself and the practice of dentistry. After finally consulting my feelings and placing everything into perspective I created this list of things I learned from my bad day:

  • Don’t be afraid to say how you feel. Be true to yourself.
  • Before giving up on a bad day, look for the turnaround, hit the brakes. There is always a ying and yang.
  • “I’m not the first person to have a bad day.” Remember that.
  • My expectations and goals must align with my spirit, not anyone else’s
  • With God, all things are possible. You will survive to see and fight another day.

My philosophy, find the lesson inside your bay day. I pray this helps someone, somewhere get over their bad day. I’m sending positive vibes to you all Kings & Queens. There is always a testimony inside the rainbow after a storm. – Dr. Shon (@drshonw)

Here are 9 Ways to Get over your bad day:

  1. Take a slow deep breath once you recognize that your day is going south. Breathe in 5 seconds and breathe out 5 seconds, slowly. Get present in the moment. Visualize your best self.
  2. Count your blessings. Find the positive in the situation.
  3. Give gratitude. Tell yourself positive affirmations. Remember you are powerful and strong.
  4. Be realistic. Write out your feelings. Was it as bad as it seems? Could it be worse?
  5. Forget blame. Don’t blame anyone, not even yourself.
  6. Unplug yourself. Take a 15-20 minutes to meditate. Take a hot bath.
  7. Self healing is key. Do some self pep talking. Self Care.
  8. Remember who you are? Remember your morals, values and goals.
  9. Look for the lesson in it all.

A Better Day!

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