Hood2Hood Business Success Bootcamp

Rising above the odds is no simple task? There are no road maps nor any elevators to magically transport you to success destination. How will you get there? 


  • James S. Rickards High ’04 
  • Florida State University ’09
  • University of South Florida ’12
  • Meharry Medical College, School of Dentistry ’16 
  • General Practice Residency, NYC

Professor Dr. Shon The Motivational Dentist

Hood2Hooded 6 Week Success Bootcamp with Dr. Shon

Are you sick of working two and three jobs just to make ends meet?

Have you lost your way in business and you need a fresh start to develop new business goals, tactics, and your ultimate business strategies?

Do you want to know how to be the first millionaire in your family?

Well you’re in the right place. Register for our upcoming Hood2Hooded 6 Week Success Bootcamp.

This intensive program promising to elevate your business savvy and goal setting ability. Learn key tricks, tips, and hacks to live your best life, while being financially responsible and independent. Learn how to turn your fake money into real assets and knowledge. Become a lifelong learner today by registering for this exclusive, doctor taught course.

What’s Included:

  • 6- 60 Minute Success Builder Courses
  • Weekly Q&A with Dr. Shon & Top Executives
  • Course Workbook and Pen
  • Private Success Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Graduation Certificate and Gift
  • 20% Off March Store Items for 12 months
  • Business Plan Templates and Resource Package
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