God request that we be the best version of ourselves!

Positive vibes aren’t just a temporary fix, it’s a energy that shifts your mindset to a negativity free zone. It’s time to denounce life’s joy killers! Are you eager for more positive energy ?

One way to get more positive energy flow is by repeating daily affirmations, preferably in the morning before launching your day. Affirmations are a wonderful way to spice up your day dose of inspiration. They give your brain and mood a natural boost of confidence and peace.

The video above is an example affirmation that you can utilize to shift your mindset during a bad day. I hope you enjoy this quick reset. Positive vibes only syndrome is always in style!

Remember, God request that we aim to be the best version of ourselves! Everyday is a new day to embark on your biggest, wildest, most challenging dreams, with faith and resilience. No excuse will suffice if you fail to embark on your dreams today!

Be optimistic everyday! Be positive everyday!

Dr. Shon

The Motivational Dentist 🪥

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