First of all, I’m a Florida Girl!

New York is great but there is nothing like the Florida sun! I really enjoyed having weather near 70 degrees during the Winter. Ahh…. My melanin really missed basking in the bright, warm sunshine. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for no reason.

Floridians have no clue how lucky they are. Several of my patients from New York travel to Florida for part of the year when the Winter season begins. After my recent trip to my hometown Tallahassee, Florida I can truly see why these human snow birds make this decision. Florida is amazing.

I’m satisfied, wonderfully baked, and my Vitamin D is recharged. Thank you Florida Sun. As soon as we landed in Orlando, I felt the difference. My body instantly felt alive. Check out these photos from our trip to Tallahassee Day #1. (Ahhh, this sun! )

Dear Florida, I miss you already! – Dr. Shon

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