Eyes Forward Queen 👑

Eyes forward Queen. That‘s exactly what God told me. It was in the moment when I really really wanted to look away from my goals. Many questions ran thru my mind. In desperation, I wanted to find out reasons about the past that had nothing to do with my future. But God whispered, eyes forward Queen.

Dear Queen, to all the Queens around the world, today I encourage you too, to keep your eyes forward. Are you focused on the prize?

Keep your eyes focused on increasing your spiritual growth. Keep your eyes focused on the pursuit of happiness. This effort shouldn’t be “just a some time thing,” this is an every day mission. In order to aspire towards greatness or the ultimate royal status (full of peace, harmony, and balance) Queens must remember to keep their eyes forward. Keep your mind focused away from distractions pulling you further away from your goals. Distractions will never have the ability to expand us to higher levels. We must keep our eyes forward. Sometimes it may be tempting to go backwards… to look backwards… to turn around. But God has a plan for our life and his plans are not behind us. His plans for us reside in our journey forward. His promise is that we shall survive and overcome all obstacles.

We can overcome anything that frightens us. Disallow darkness, bad times, sad times, pain crying, heartache, or hardship to taint your happiness. Aim to grow into that beautiful flower you’ve always wanted to become. I’m not sure if you’re a rose, calla lily, sunflower, any flower, just remember once you accept your season to bloom… life will begin to propel you towards happiness. In essence, always spread inspiration and positivity. Queen, which direction are you looking ? Backwards or forwards? – Dr. Shon

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