Did I speak too soon? What the heck is up with the Coronavirus?

Did I speak too soon? I recorded this video on Dr. Shon TV EARLIER Today!

Life goes on, or does it? The Coronavirus is still a threat nationwide. I’m soo sick of it. To be honest, will life ever be the same. Maybe not but I wish. Today we had a scare at work. A coronavirus scare. I must say, this feels unreal.

Greetings friends, I send prayers to all of those upended by this terrible disease, the Coronavirus. Just when I began to imagine a day without being affected by this disease, it hit close to home. The dental office. Well, not per say. Long story short, now I need a test. I feel violated and scared at the same damn time. When you work with patients there is a double dose of worry. One for your patients and staff, and the second for yourself. But most of all for your family. When will this 2020 covid-19 pandemic end?

This virus has a way distracting all of the focus away from the funner, more exciting aspects of life. Today has been a day. The coronavirus robs us of our summer respite, family festivities, work and home balance, and freedom. Life has become 100% all about safety and health goals. I mean, health is wealth and nothing is possible without health but we all need a break from this year. Who’s with me? How many times do you wash your hands per day? Mine have been so dry I literally apply tons of shea butter and coconut oil every day to prevent irritating rashes. Everything has to be set to the back burner thanks to freaking COVID-19. Actually… no thanks!

Nevertheless, I refuse to worry any longer. My most valuable weapon is prayer. My prayers go to the most high, and I request continued coverage and protection for all people around the world. I believe that God is a healer. Everyday is a new roller coaster ride of unforeseen events and circumstances across the nation. But we must stay vigilant and focused on the mission. Today was scary but I am confident that all will be ok. There is nothing too hard for God.

As much as I would love for time to hurry along, I realize that there is a lesson in the mess. There is definitely a major growth opportunity in this all. Life says, stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. 2020 is testament to that fact. Things are changing ever so rapidly and it’s best to stay ready for anything. Get your household in order famILY. It’s time to absorb nothing but good energy, grow more prosperous dreams, and strive for more success. Because more is possible. More God. More love. More peace and happiness flowing in our veins. That’s what we need.

Kings and Queens, now is the time to focus and fly towards a better tomorrow. Release your fears. Set sail on a new horizon towards your best potential. Stop fighting it. Yes, you deserve it. We deserve it. Do you believe?

Yes, I made an assumption that things are moving along in the world, but are they really? I see people cluttered everywhere without mask. Families and the elderly out walking and talking. Picnics galore. There are more RVs and cars traveling on the interstate. Literally more commuters everywhere. I feel such disarray about the present but God holds the future. I guess everyone is sick and tired but pleassseee stay safe. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Avoid crowds. Practice social distancing. Brush you teeth! And floss too. 🧐

This blog is literally just to release some steam about 2020. 😫 Anddd the Coronavirus. I hate even saying it’s disgusting name. God be with us all. I send prayers to you Kings and Queens around the world. A special thank you to my readers in the United States, Nigeria, Sweden, and so many other countries. Leave a comment and let me know how you’re holding up during this pandemic. I send love and peace. What lesson has the pandemic taught you? Share a thought. Have a blessed day.

Thanks for reading FamILy. #KingandQueenSquad

Dr. Shon

Motivational Dentist

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