DDJ Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions


1. If I applied and won last year, can I apply again?

Yes. Previous DDJ Scholarship Winners are eligible to re-apply each year. We encourage the youth to seek every opportunity to advance their goals.

2. What is the deadline to apply?

The Application is open from July 1, 2021 (NOON -EST) to November 1, 2021 (NOON -EST).

Late applicants are unacceptable.

3. Do I have to be present to win?

No. You do not have to be present at the DReamergency Walk to win. We will keep all recipients posted regarding award ceremony as the event approaches, especially considering the current Covid-19 crisis.

4. How can I increase my chances of winning?

  1. Proofread your essay for grammatical errors. All essays must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs long. Several applicants were eliminated last year because they rushed the essay.
  2. Don’t be afraid to tell your truths! Why do you deserve this scholarship award? Why do you fight so hard for your dreams? Tell us about your motivating factor? This is you opportunity to engage the scholarship committee and tell your story.
  3. Read your essay to a friend and have them give feedback. Does the essay seem compelling? How can you stand out above the other applicants. Last year we received 22 applicants from across the Nation. This year we anticipant more.

5. What grade levels or students are eligible to apply?

All students from grades K-12, collegiate, and professional students may apply. 2019 DDJ Scholarship winners range from grades K-12 thru college. ( Distribution: two high school seniors, one elementary schooler, one middle schooler, and one college freshman).

6. What if I have a question?

Contact our scholarship committee with any further questions ddjscholars@gmail.com

Goodluck to all the 2021 DDJ Scholarship Applicants! – Dr. Shon and the Scholarship Committee.

Meet our 2019 DDJ Scholars

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