“I’ve decided that God is the author of my story not the obstacles I face.” -Dr. Shon

OVERCOME OBSTACLES I’ve overcome many obstacles on the way to my dream. Many of them threatened to keep me bound to a life of passive days without much hope. Working two and sometimes three jobs just to make ends meet is a part of my story and the thought of the past pushes me closerContinue reading ““I’ve decided that God is the author of my story not the obstacles I face.” -Dr. Shon”

Social Media Detox

On Monday September 22, 2019, I decided to take a detox from social media. Today is day 3 of my detox. Why did I decide to detox? Well, nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others all require too much dedication for a few likes and shares. I’ve been planning thisContinue reading “Social Media Detox”

Let Your Mind Breathe. Learn to Fly!

Understanding the mind comes with time, wisdom, and patience . – Dr. Shon Much too often we allow the weight of the world to rest comfortably on our shoulders without a care. Each day hustling and bustling until our minds become convoluted with the pollution of our thoughts, ideas, worries and frustrations. But now isContinue reading “Let Your Mind Breathe. Learn to Fly!”

Having a bad day!

Have you ever experienced one? What is considered a bad day? Is it the things you expect not to happen, actually happening? Or is it not meeting your expectations to the fullest potential? Or… Could it simply be, you didn’t want to deal with certain emotions because you knew certain emotions would drain your positiveContinue reading “Having a bad day!”

Meharry Made

What does it mean to be “Meharry Made?” Meharry Medical College is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is one of the nation’s largest and oldest historically black academic health science institutions with a mission to educate future physicians, dentists, researchers, and health policy experts. Founded in 1876, Meharry was the first medical school in theContinue reading “Meharry Made”

Rude Summer 🤔

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye?” – @drshonw Summer… it seems as if you’ve just arrived. Why do you leave so suddenly. Just as the beautiful flowers began to blossom into every corner, now, the leaves fall. You see, it wasn’t until early May that the snow finally melted from the cold, wet ground.Continue reading “Rude Summer 🤔”

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