I can’t believe we lost Kobe Bryant, GiGi Bryant, and their friends.

News reports reveal the 5 time NBA Champion, 18 time All-Star, and legend, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi passed away this morning, January 26, 2020 in a private helicopter accident. There were no surviving passengers on the 9 flight. (Los Angeles Times reported) Bryant played his entire 20 year basketball career with the Los Angeles Lakers. I watched him playing on the television as a little girl. Life is much too short. I mean it doesn’t feel real.

His wife, Vanessa Bryant, was not on board the helicopter when the fiery crash took placed.

Our prayers go out to his wife, children, and the entire Bryant family and friends. The world mourns today.

The Reasons why I DReam B.I.G. (Because I’m Genius)

It’s taken me quite some time to visualize a way to express the feelings of gratitude ignited in me after the 2nd Annual Doris Denise Jackson DReamergency Walk, held Saturday November 30, 2019 from 10:00am to around 1:00pm at Anita Favors Thompson Plaza at Lake Anita in my hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. This was a free event for all attendees. Our village truly showed up and made a memory we will all cherish forever. First and foremost, Thank you to each and everyone of you.

During the planning process, which lasted a few months prior to the event, the staff with the City of Tallahassee helped me long distance to locate the perfect venue. Unfortunally, I wouldn’t be able to see the spot until the day of since I live in New York so I prayed hard… I mean hard. At this point, I was walking in blindsided. Basically, I had to plan my ideas in my head until the day before the event. It had to be perfect for the kids in attendance. Inspiration and fun were at the top of my priority list.

The months leading up to the event we introduced the Doris Denise Jackson Scholarship Foundation which provides scholarships to disadvantaged DReamers, youth leaders and community activist, future professionals including doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and much more. Our mission is simple: Inspire kid DReamers in disadvantaged and underserved communities. Our scholarship committee including myself, my fiance’ (IG: @foreignblaxx), and my cousin Greg, deliberated through 22 applicants from all over the country including the following locations:

  • Tallahassee, Florida (8)
  • Owings Mills, Maryland
  • Washington, D.C. (2)
  • Merillville, Indiana
  • Crawforville, Florida
  • Michigan City, Indiana
  • Siler City, North Carolina
  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Humble, Texas
  • Troy, Alabama
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Belleville, Illinois
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Austin, Texas
Anita Plaza, Tallahassee, Florida

We numbered essays submitted by applicants and 5 lucky Scholars became the Inaugural Doris Denise Jackson Scholarship Recipients 2019 representing Tallahassee, Florida and Belleville, Illinois.

First and foremost thank all of our applicants for taking the time to apply, keep applying yourself until doors begin to open, you all can be anything you want to be in this life. To our DDJ Scholars, you all have a very bright future. Keep shining and never be afraid to assert your knowledge. Keep growing and learning until you reach the highest potential of your life. Never waste time. We the village are so very proud of you.

Elijah your smile brightens up the room. Keep getting Honor Roll and making your mom proud future doctor. Hard to believe your mom and I were childhood BFF’s from Nims Middle School to the hallways of Rickards High School. You’re in great hands kid, keep saying your affirmations and rising King.

Kiana your a breathe of fresh air, so poised, graceful, and a Queen. You are a leader, keep shining and being beautifully you. I am so excited you want to be a future doctor. The sky is the limit with your amazing support system.

Janai thank you for being such a beautiful, glowing spirit. Your smile is contagious. I am so glad we connected. Keep being a leader and boss Queen, you’re going to make a difference in the world.

Mikayla you’re a true Queen. Your strength and wisdom is encouraging. Thank God I met your mother, I can tell her inspiring energy dwells inside you. Keep being strong minded, gorgeous, and aiming for those Big DReams. I am with you, DReam BIG or go home.

LaNiyah, where do I begin, every since I saw your mom first post you, I knew you were special. Congratulations of your continued success in college. Thank you for making an impact in the community and showing other Queens that knowledge is power, dignity is respect, and all things are possible. I was super excited to read your story. Keep spreading your butterfly, the village is proud.

DReamergency Walkers we are highly excited of our DDJ Scholars.

Meet Our Doris Denise Jackson Scholars

With an initial endowment of $1250, I was able to award $250 each towards the Scholarship Fund to began seeding back into the community. It’s very imperative to not only help children visualize their potential, but also inspire them to DReam bigger than their eyes can see. Our environment and quality of life can flourish if we take the time to invest in our youth, help them reach their goals. Although that amount may not be much, it’s the perfect setup towards a goal that helps kids in communities like the ones I remember on the route to my dreams. And I know, every dose of inspiration matters.

The night before was calm but chaotic at the same time. Foreign Blaxx and I, stayed up until around 4:30am loading supplies into the car, rehearsing our lines for the event, tidying up the house, reviewing the budget, thinking of last minute strategies, and confirming literally every detail. By 6:30am we’d gotten enough rest to head over to the venue.

Immediately I began blowing up balloons for the arch and decor. In order to stay on budget I decided to design the arch and save a ton of money. But it did come with a price. By the time help came, my aunt Linda, the twins Omari and Omarion, and Greg aka “Duke,” my fingers were bleeding.

Thank goodness for the electric balloon pump and helium tanks we ordered. They save tons of time and made our last minute balloon pumping assembly line come to life. My aunt pump 4 red, followed by 4 black, and 4 white to create a distinct pattern, with the white ones being a tad bit smaller than the red and black to give a unique design. Foreign Blaxx rans last minute errands gathering items ice, filling up the bases for the arch with water, and a few other major tasks. My cousin Duke and I finished the design and up went the arch and balloon design. The location was actually perfect. Before we even began early morning walkers and runners along Cascades Trail on FAMU Way waved as they jogged under our arch. Teamwork makes the dream work.

My long timefriend Gracie arrived a little before the event and began chalking the concrete with positive affirmations. In the meantime I chalked the names of our DDJ scholars in the sidewalk as the time ticked away.

The day before I had a difficult time finding the location so I knew that would be an issue on the day of the event but every eventually found it and promptly at 9:00am the butterflies escalated and folks began to show up. Guest were greeted with light breakfast of fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges), granola bars, and orange juice. I was super nervous. This was my first time doing a public motivational speech since… seems like forever. We had around 73 people registered and that can be intimidating but we stayed up all night and planned for months for his day, The 2nd Annual Doris Denise Jackson DReamergency Walk.

Our t-shirt vendors DnB Custom Drip arrived promptly with the shirts and I immediately got dressed on site, no time for makeup or hair. Just straight to business. Working with Bianca, co-CEO of the company was a pleasure. The shirts came out amazing and they got the point across, 9-1-1 our DReams are an emergency! Period. They photographer of Sand n Photos arrived and captured great details of the event.

My aunt, picture lady, had her camera in tow. She was also in charge of registration and passing out t-shirts, she did a fabulous job! Together we were able to have memories for years to come of great day.

Thank God for my cousin Evelyn as well, she showed up and realized we needed a microphone. The rental shop had already loaned it out before we could reserve it, unfortunately. Never hesitating she offered to go back home to get her mic and speaker. God always makes everything work out in the end. The mic made a huge difference.

Foreign Blaxx was such a great host, he kept the crowd entertained and made the event flow flawlessly. I personally want to thank him for his dedication behind the scene and the day off. Without you none of this would be possible. I wanted to sleep so bad but you kept me focused. It really paid off. I love you and appreciate you beyond words.

He introduced the itinerary, welcomed the DReamergency Walkers, and introduced me for a prayer. I believe prayer is the best way to start any event. Positivity and peace are released when you pray. Next the DReamergency Walkers repeated the “DReamergency Walk Pledge”:

Today I make a stand for my DReams. Today I vow to follow my DReams and never allow anything or anyone to delay the process. I am my own competition. I have faith that everything I can imagine will come true with hard work, patience, dedication, persistence, and drive. I am strong. There is no one better to be than myself. Today I am a leader. Today I forgive myself for all my mistakes. Even if life is hard, I will continue fighting to make my DReams come true. My challenges help me grow. I have the power to make my DReams come true. I am a part of the village.

Immediately after, we cut the ribbon welcoming our village to the 2nd Annual and the kids in attendance participated in our signature DReam Hunt in which they search for eggs around the grass and concrete bench type seating area. Each egg filled with $1 up to $5 was sure to spark excitement to the tiny toddlers, children, tweens, and teens. Next was the World’s 1st 1K #MotivationaWalk dedicated to inspiring kids to DREAM!!!! In my head I was having so much fun, it was literally an entire blast.

Our village march down Cascades Trail as I chanted affirmations to hopefully motivate others, especially the youth to aim for higher knowledge and wisdom at all times. We wanted to make sure that each child felt that nothing, after this day, would be impossible. We also desired to spark a light in the village that makes each of us responsible to making sure we protect the youth, acknowledge their goals and dreams, and treat them with love.

After the walk I delivered a speech titled “We are the Village.” As I discussed the importance of building strong support systems and solid foundations in our family and community, it was my goal to boost the morale of everyone in attendance. Together we can accomplish much more than we ever could alone, especially when it comes to protecting the village.

The Scholarship recipients remained the highlight of the event. During the Scholarship Ceremony each of our recipients, Elijah Lawson, Kiana Williams, Janai Davis, and LaNiyah Lee participated in a white dove balloon release before accepting their award.

Towards the end of the event, my uncle (Jeff’s Computers in Tallahassee, Florida) arrived with subs. Thank to Tammerell for making sure lunch was served without an issue. It sure made for a perfect ending to our event. Once again, it takes a village. If I left anyone out I still thank you in the spirit. We paired the subs with chips, drinks for a light lunch. As I took pictures with all the guest, family, and friends it was hard to believe the 2nd Annual Doris Denise Jackson DReamergency Walk was over.

It was great meeting Latarsher, a friend I met through social media, my aunt, cousins, sister in law Torie and nephew Kaliph, the scholarship recipients family, childhood friends, supporters recruited by my aunt, and long term sisters Gracie, Shawanna and her family.

It was fun walking with the village for a cause greater ourselves.

The importance of planting seeds reaches further than we can see.

Through our foundation and with future walks we hope to travel to other disadvantaged communities to host walks and giveback to kids fighting to keep their dreams alive. But we can’t do it alone.

Do you desire to giveback to a cause that directly impacts the youth in disadvantaged and underserved communities? Do you have a passion to make a difference in the world by planting a seed that helps future professional leaders flourish into roses out of concrete? Help us increase scholarship funding and grow this event by becoming a Virtual DReamergency Walker or Scholarship Donor Today.

Thank you to all the donors, vendors, DReamergency Walkers, and members of the village for supporting our cause. To my village of family and friends, I love you all. We are on to the next one. November 28, 2020 in Tallahassee, Florida! Stay tuned. Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms (Instagram: @dreamergencywalk)

We accept donations year round for our organization The Doris Denise Jackson Foundation Inc.


If you have questions or would like to learn more or volunteer email us at @dreamergencywalk@gmail.com

First of all, I’m a Florida Girl!

New York is great but there is nothing like the Florida sun! I really enjoyed having weather near 70 degrees during the Winter. Ahh…. My melanin really missed basking in the bright, warm sunshine. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for no reason.

Floridians have no clue how lucky they are. Several of my patients from New York travel to Florida for part of the year when the Winter season begins. After my recent trip to my hometown Tallahassee, Florida I can truly see why these human snow birds make this decision. Florida is amazing.

I’m satisfied, wonderfully baked, and my Vitamin D is recharged. Thank you Florida Sun. As soon as we landed in Orlando, I felt the difference. My body instantly felt alive. Check out these photos from our trip to Tallahassee Day #1. (Ahhh, this sun! )

Dear Florida, I miss you already! – Dr. Shon

Hold Grandma’s Hand: Cherish The Matriarch

A matriarch is defined as “a woman who is the head of a family or tribe.”

Matriarchs are a powerful component within the family unit. Thanksgiving Day 2019 was mainly spent with my grandmother, Eartha Lee Gallon in Tallahassee, Florida. The cold November day was peaceful and she appeared to be in a harmonious state. As I entered the room and gently called her name, “Grandmaaaa,” I was greeted by a huge smile. That made my entire year. Living in New York is my toughest battle, especially the fact that I’m unable to have consistent access to my grandmother on a daily basis. She is a strong Queen and continues to smile despite her battle Alzheimer’s Disease, this is inspiring to see her strength.

Honestly, I’m grateful that she still recalls my name. Actually, she still recalls a-lot of things. As I made myself comfortable laying next to her in the bed, talking with her about Thanksgiving of the past, she smiled and sometimes she nodded with a yes, to the things she remembers. Sometimes she said no when certain things didn’t come to her recollection. As we sat and watched Family Feud together, she seemed indifferent when the commercials came on. But she shocked me. Out of no where, she said, “Bosley.” She was actually reading the Bosley commercial on television. I said, “Grandma, you can still read that,” and she replied with a gentle nod, “Yes.” We continued reflecting on the memories we recreated as a child during the holiday season. Every holiday before now, all of her children, my Uncle “Rabbit”, Uncle Andrew, Auntie Linda, my dad Darryl, and my favorite Uncle Jeffery met in Crawfordville, Fl on Gays Drive to create new memories, catch up new events, and to be around our matriarch. Things have changed but the memories we created are etched in my mind for a lifetime.

My grandmother taught me everything from cooking, grooming myself, gardening, fishing, driving, praying, and so much more. Her powerful wisdom and passion for having her own help mold me into the Queen and Doctor I am today. I watched her work day and night as a Certified Nursing Assistant to pay off her house. She never allowed us to miss a meal no matter how hard it was for her to come up with the money. From one generation to the next, it’s important we uphold our matriarch in the highest of light because tomorrow is never promised, even if it seem like the least expected will never come. As I held my grandmother’s hand, it reminded me of the fight she put up to make sure my sister and I were able to continue thriving after the loss of our mother in 1994. I never once doubted my grandmother’s love. I want to keep building memories with her and cherish each second of breathe she takes. One day I woke up and my mother was gone, I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. I was too young to have memories. As my grandmother ages I take it upon myself to give her flowers while she is still here. And for other families living and loving relatives with Alzheimer’s please stay strong.

Dr. Shon TV

Here are 9 facts you should know about Alzheimers Disease:

  1. Definition: A progressive disease that destroys memory and other mental functions
  2. Half of adults aged 85 and older have the disease
  3. More women live with the disease, this could be in part because women live longer than men
  4. Heart disease can raise your risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease aka AD
  5. Education can lower your risk of developing AD. Participation in activities such as learning a new language, playing musical instruments, or taking classes helps decrease risk factors.
  6. AD is the only one of the top 10 causes of death without any means of preventing, curing or slowing down.
  7. AD is linked with a loss of smell
  9. Older African-Americans are nearly twice as likely to battle Alzheimer’s or other dementias as older whites.

Life is too short Kings and Queens.

The seasons are changing, we are headed to a new decade. Let’s make a vow to give flowers while you can still hold grandma’s hand. Let’s make a vow to cherish memories that may not return tomorrow. Thank you to my granny for being the best to ever do it. Loving me when you didn’t have to. Raising and fighting for me. Thank you Eartha Lee! I love you the most!!!

“I’ve decided that God is the author of my story not the obstacles I face.” -Dr. Shon

Ithaca Falls
Ithaca, New York

I’ve overcome many obstacles on the way to my dream. Many of them threatened to keep me bound to a life of passive days without much hope. Working two and sometimes three jobs just to make ends meet is a part of my story and the thought of the past pushes me closer to my purpose. Working dead end jobs that were not aligned with my vision felt like a life sentence of pity and unhappiness. I had to uncover my eyes and see that which I was fearful of, my DReams. So I decided that my heart deserved to pursue happiness, so I did. I decided that God would be the author of my story not my obstacles.


Kings & Queens, everyday is a new opportunity to cherish the simple things in life. I’m a hardcore advocate of that. Your peace of mind, teeth, and time are all irreplaceable. So cherish them all. More importantly, cherish your faith. It can take over mountains, even with just a mustard seed amount.


Overcome your fears. Elevate your drive. If your heart is pure, then your dreams will align with your purpose. It may not happen immediately but definitely in due time. Keep your patience, for it is the cousin of blessings. And honestly being patient can take a long time…. To be a doctor it required over 12 long years of patience and hard work. But if I can do it… so can you! It is my hopes to encourage all who engage with this site to push past limits you may not be aware of. So I ask you: Are you ready to head into a new decade with confidence, strength, forgiveness, a royal mindset, and God? I hope so. Are you confident about your goals and do you plan on having a better quality of life in 2020? – Dr. Shon ( @drshonw )

Smiling is the best medicine. Try it.

Are you ready to head into a new decade with confidence, strength, forgiveness, a royal mindset, and God? I hope so. Are you confident about your goals and do you plan on having a better quality of life in 2020? – Dr. Shon #MotivationalDentist

Social Media Detox

On Monday September 22, 2019, I decided to take a detox from social media. Today is day 3 of my detox.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Brooklyn, New York

Why did I decide to detox? Well, nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others all require too much dedication for a few likes and shares. I’ve been planning this for awhile especially after receiving DMs from people with false accusations about who I am and why I didn’t answer a “Facebook” call. Facebook calls don’t even ring to your phone! SMH. Some people will place the entire basis of your relationship on one call you never saw. They will unfriend you and treat you like a stranger, all on one app, from one missed call. This actually happened to me. Clearly, social media relationships have gone too far; they have gotten out of hand. In response, I decided to take back control and freedom of my time. Hello DETOX!!!!!

No longer am I constantly refreshing a dead news feed, waiting on the next hot post, with reminders from Facebook that I “missed a popular post.” Or reminders from Facebook that my audience needs more attention or “What’s on your mind?” Being overexposed on the internet makes other people develop false sense of who you are as a person and individual. They no longer see the person but the XXX number of followers. Very often, family members will know what my every move is or say, “I got on Facebook to keep up with you,” yet they never see the need to build genuine relationships. Is this all for show? I found myself pouring more and more of myself into these social media apps, in the name of inspiration but who inspires the inspirer. I was also losing more control of who I am. And I don’t want that life.

Clifton Park, New York

Self-respect and self worth are imperative to maintaining positive internal feelings. How we view ourselves has a major effect on our quality of life. With so much toxicity and negativity in the world (i.e. social media) it is pretty easy to absorb negative feelings towards yourself if you are not strong enough. It is about no longer requiring the approval of others to feel validated, this is disrespecting yourself. Never place the wants, needs, and desires of others before your own. You come before other people in your life. Make sure you meet your own emotional needs, this is not other people’s job. They have their own life. With God in the driver seat, you can navigate anywhere life takes you. But make sure self respect is the safety belt. Acknowledge to yourself that you deserve to be treated respectfully, set boundaries. When others disrespect these boundaries have a zero tolerance policy. Be more assertive and confident to others and make sure they are not overstepping your respect line. When you allow others to disrespect you, this helps nobody. This is a sign that you’re slacking on your self-care and perspective of self worth; also allows the other person to act on negative interpersonal traits. Before creating an external world, i.e. on Social Media, we must be safe, productive, fruitful internal world. We must have a clear purpose for life outside of the social media box.

This detox will help me get back self worth and self care. I want to fully enjoy normal daily activities other than selfies, strolling, posting, liking, and commenting. It seemed like it was becoming a second job only to make the people who know you, hate you. Why am I giving myself away to be judged and ridiculed? I do it because I want to inspire but I must first be inspired. I don’t want to inspire a lie. This detox is therapeutic in many ways. Its forcing me to use a different part of my brain, one that doesn’t require likes for validation. It’s forcing me to work on other areas of myself and my life. Facebook post do not define a person or all that they are made of. Nor does it measure your self worth. That’s an inside job.


This is What I learned so far during my first phase of this detox:

  • Life is too short to base relationships off social media interactions
  • My mind is much more valuable without the need to share my every positive thought. I feel clear and free.
  • There are other areas of my life that need a lot of work. The first, self-care. So far, I have added aromatherapy to my daily regimen. This is helping me detox the stress of everyday life.
  • People don’t miss you when you’re off social media. In these three days I haven’t received any calls or text except from people who genuinely care. This is my village, small, but it’s a village, one that I am thankful for.
  • The feeling of not being glued to my phone screen every 10 minutes, jumping from one app to another, cross-linking this app to the next: Priceless. I feel free. I said that already but it’s true.
  • I do miss communicating with those who keep me encouraged thru social media but I must focus on a better me. I don’t need social media to do that.
  • I am capable of doing more constructive activities with my new abundance of free time. For one, I have been spending more time planning my walk ( The Doris Denise Jackson DReamergency Walk) and getting some details ironed out in my personal life.
  • Life goes on… Peacefully

Will I return to Social Media? Yes

Is this detox effective? Absolutely.

Adirondack Mountains, New York

My internal growth has increased drastically within the past three days. The lingering on and off feelings of doubt are slowly decreasing. Even with such a little time, I find myself searching for my more positive avenues to channel all of the free energy; I love not having the urge publish a post to social media every time I think of a new idea or inspirational words. Instead, I now prefer to write it down and deliver my talents at my own convenience. This is self control in my eyes. In control of every aspect of my social media life. I desire real relationships, not watered down “Hi and Bye,” social media love. Am I partly to blame for that? Yes but as a leader, it must stop this detrimental process, at least in my own world. I miss the short space in time being raised by my grandma Eartha when she was up and active, the 90’s. Back in those times, there was no social media, just family gatherings, lots of love, and no family members on social media chasing clout. We’d yell thru a large field of about 10 acres to catch the attention of neighboring family members. We used to pick up the phone and have meaningful arguments or celebrate good news. I mean you could just feel the genuine love. There were arguments but not arguments that last forever, there was no competition. Social media is part of the problem but I realize it really starts with the person. We are ultimately in control of the energy and waves we create in our life. If we never regain that control of ourselves, are doomed to being Facebook, IG zombies? I hope not.

I don’t know how long this detox will last but for now, I’m loving it!

– Dr. Shon

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Let Your Mind Breathe. Learn to Fly!

Ithaca, New York

Understanding the mind comes with time, wisdom, and patience . – Dr. Shon

Much too often we allow the weight of the world to rest comfortably on our shoulders without a care. Each day hustling and bustling until our minds become convoluted with the pollution of our thoughts, ideas, worries and frustrations. But now is the time to allow your mind to heal. As the seasons change we must continue our journey towards growth.

Understanding the power of the mind comes with time, wisdom, and patience. Peace should be one of life’s ultimate goals. I believe we are all entitled to it’s benefits. But exactly how do we obtain “peace,” What is peace? Is it imperative to the quality of our mental health status? Does peace have an impact on our ability to allow our dreams to soar higher than an eagle? These are questions that I’ve pondered. And my is answer: Absolutely!

Peace is defined as “tranquility from disturbance.” Tranquil means the quality or state of being calm. Are we calm in the spirit, body, and soul? Peace is obtained by allowing the body to heal and relax without pressure.

7 Ways To Develop A Tranquil, Peaceful Mindset!

Tulip Festival Summer 2019
Albany, New York

Learning to Soar. Let your mind breathe.

  • Find relaxing techniques that help to calm your thoughts. For example, yoga, meditation, long walks, swimming, and/or cooking.
  • Discover a new hobby or talent. Take a shot at painting, writing, dancing. Trying new things helps to relax the body and bring awareness to new parts of the mind.
  • Declutter your thoughts, detox your world. Get things organized and simplified. Clear your work space and home for a more tranquil, relaxing environment.
  • Don’t overdo it. Doing too much, all the time takes a toll on your body. Slow down.
  • Escape for a while. Read a novel or watch your favorite tv show to help clear your thoughts.
  • Take full responsibility of how you react to others. Be clear with your intentions and never allow the actions of others to disturb your peace. Return to situations when you are in a clear mind.
  • Prioritize peace over problems. Learning to fly requires peace as the ultimate flight attendant. Without peace on your flight, chaos is inevitable.
Ithaca Falls, New York

Peace is very important in maintaining mental clarity and spiritual clarity. Maintaining peace is a very difficult task but with wisdom, it is maintained effortlessly. We are all in charge of our own peace as best we know how. And if we desire more of it, we must become more of it. When your spirit is happy and peaceful… God smiles. So King’s & Queens, let’s learn to fly. Grab your flight attendant (peace) and soar like an eagle, higher than an eagle. Are you ready to let your mind breathe?

– Dr. Shon

Fingerlakes, New York
5 Mile Creek Winery

Having a bad day!

Have you ever experienced one?

What is considered a bad day? Is it the things you expect not to happen, actually happening? Or is it not meeting your expectations to the fullest potential? Or… Could it simply be, you didn’t want to deal with certain emotions because you knew certain emotions would drain your positive energy? And about Mondays, these are high-risk for being imperfect aka bad days. Mondays begin the work week for majority of Americans and if it doesn’t go well, sometimes it can put a damper in the remainder of your week. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be true, especially if you determine to think optimistically instead. Unfortunately, bad days require perspicacious drive and agility to overcome the impending feelings of doom and hopelessness. Bad days suck!!!

The real question is, what is the nucleus of your bad day? How did it began? Are you able to pin point exactly where the lesson is to be learned? Furthermore, what is the best solution for one of these hair pulling, cranky mood filled days? Well, that depends. For instance, yesterday, I had a bad day. From early in the morning things just didn’t go right. On the drive to work, there was about one mile of construction work which I was unprepared for, especially since I had a later start. The slow traffic from the construction threw my arrival time off by 10 minutes. Dump trucks going 10 miles per hour with a 45 minute commute is no fun. After making it to work, initially, I felt confident. I felt that things would get back on track. The first patient.. a breeze. My assistant Sue and I knocked the case out in a jiffy. From that point on, my expectations continued to fall short of my goals. A few wrong lab cases and it was back to “genesis,” as Dr. Tyus (my Prosthodontics Professor at Meharry Medical Medical College) would say to us nearly everyday of our sophomore year. Back in those days it was dentures, yesterday is was hassle with a crown. Those things are tedious. As a student in Dr. Tyus’ class, we learned that sometimes mistakes even if minor means you have to start over to get the best results for the patient. In my case, I didn’t have to start over completely, but partly, it was a test of strength and patience. On top of that more things continued to spiral out of control. Could I regroup after feeling like my dental world was tumbling down? I hoped so…

Yesterday taught me to never allow a bad day to consume all of my energy. These days are only temporary. Now as a doctor, yes I have bad days. But as a professional, the patient’s expectations is that, “the doctor should not be sick, out, or having a bad day.” But we are only human; So much weight is placed on the shoulders of doctors, to make sure we meet every patient request. After all this is our purpose, this is our calling, to give our best each and everyday. Our patients deserve only the best of us. But… bad days happen. And I realized quickly, the lesson is the best part of a bad day.

How do you avoid sulking in the effects of a bad day? Never accept denial as an option, recognize your bad day and find a detour. Yesterday I knew I needed to regroup, learn from the days lesson, and start over. Like the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.”

Today, I learned so much about myself and the practice of dentistry. After finally consulting my feelings and placing everything into perspective I created this list of things I learned from my bad day:

  • Don’t be afraid to say how you feel. Be true to yourself.
  • Before giving up on a bad day, look for the turnaround, hit the brakes. There is always a ying and yang.
  • “I’m not the first person to have a bad day.” Remember that.
  • My expectations and goals must align with my spirit, not anyone else’s
  • With God, all things are possible. You will survive to see and fight another day.

My philosophy, find the lesson inside your bay day. I pray this helps someone, somewhere get over their bad day. I’m sending positive vibes to you all Kings & Queens. There is always a testimony inside the rainbow after a storm. – Dr. Shon (@drshonw)

Here are 9 Ways to Get over your bad day:

  1. Take a slow deep breath once you recognize that your day is going south. Breathe in 5 seconds and breathe out 5 seconds, slowly. Get present in the moment. Visualize your best self.
  2. Count your blessings. Find the positive in the situation.
  3. Give gratitude. Tell yourself positive affirmations. Remember you are powerful and strong.
  4. Be realistic. Write out your feelings. Was it as bad as it seems? Could it be worse?
  5. Forget blame. Don’t blame anyone, not even yourself.
  6. Unplug yourself. Take a 15-20 minutes to meditate. Take a hot bath.
  7. Self healing is key. Do some self pep talking. Self Care.
  8. Remember who you are? Remember your morals, values and goals.
  9. Look for the lesson in it all.

A Better Day!

I’m having a much better day today!! Subscribe to My Youtube Channel Below. #DRSHONTV

Dr. Shon TV: A Better Day


Meharry Made

What does it mean to be “Meharry Made?”

Meharry Medical College is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is one of the nation’s largest and oldest historically black academic health science institutions with a mission to educate future physicians, dentists, researchers, and health policy experts. Founded in 1876, Meharry was the first medical school in the South for African Americans. On December 1, 2011, I officially received a call announcing my acceptance into Meharry. Boy was I grateful.

Student Doctor Shonteral Redmond
Miss School of Dentistry

After four long years of academics, clinics, and mental growth, dental school training transforms your mind into a scientific master piece. Furthermore, after having some time to settle my mind, meditate, and regroup… I finally know what it means to be a Meharrian aka Meharry Made. Healthcare training of doctors is rigorous and requires many sleepless nights. Sometimes, I even thought I’d never see a good 8 hours of sleep again. To become Meharry Made one must be able to stand in the paint where quitting is no option. Meharry is a community of scholars dedicated to the following core values:

  • Accountability with transparency
  • Equity with inclusion
  • Respect with collegiality
  • Service with compassion
  • Integrity without exception
    • ( source: mmc.edu)

Many days during the dental school journey are spent in thoughts of wondering, how much harder could this get but the dream outweighed the misery. Panic and agony across the classroom, after each exam, from classmate to classmate, we quickly realized we had to be in this together. One band, one sound… Well, one class, one goal… May 21, 2016. So, for four long years, you bite the fear and give it everything you have in the name of the DDS. Each step of the way remembering why you started? All of your weekends, all of your nights, every inch of you, all for the Professional Degree. Trust me, being Meharry Made is more than a slogan, it’s a feeling. There are hundreds and thousands of Meharrians alike to attest to the commitment and surrealness associated with the phrase.

Meharry Medical College Mission Statement

”Meharry Medical College is an academic health sciences center that exists to improve the health and health care of minority and underserved communities by offering excellent education and training programs in the health sciences. True to its heritage, Meharry places special emphasis on providing opportunities for people of color, individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, and others regardless of race or ethnicity; delivering high quality health services; and conducting research that fosters the elimination of health disparities.

Meharry Medical College (mmc.edu source)

May 21, 2016
Opry Mills (Nashville, TN)

To all the future doctors across the globe. All my future Meharrians… Stick with it! If you have a deep burning desire to dream bigger than your eyes can see, it will come true. I will promise you it will not be easy but I know it is equally worth every sleepless night. My best advice: Begin how you want to end, strong! Each day you must place one foot in front of the other; to brings your goals and desires into fruition. Remember your faith, you’ll need it along the way. Always know: God won’t fail you. Lastly, Study smarter.

My mentor, Dr. Anthony Polk once told me… ”Get in and get out..”

This was once all a dream. Today, I truly appreciate the value behind the phrase, ”Meharry Made.” My experiences walking the close-knit campus, going off campus to Knock Out Wings and Cook Out for lunch, meeting with classmates to study in The Salt Wagon Cafe’, inhaling the cool Nashville air, and hustling down Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Blvd., deepened my appreciation for Historically Black Colleges & Universities across America. They all add special value in the heritage of our ancestors and they provide promise to future doctors worldwide. Although my time building memories at MMC have also commenced, my heart remains full of Gratitude for receiving that call on 12/1/11. Gratefulness consumes my spirit daily for such a testimony.

Meharry Medical College Class of 2016
School of Dentistry & School of Medicine

Do DReams come? Absolutely! 🤪

Is it worth all the hype? All of this ”Meharry Made, ” stuff? Well… Absolutely ❗️🙏🏾

– Dr. Shon (@drshonw )

Meharry Medical College C/O 2016

Meharry Medical College Commencement 2016
School of Dentistry (Hooding Ceremony)
Shonteral Lakay Redmond, DDS

Rude Summer 🤔

Lake George, New York

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye?” – @drshonw

Summer… it seems as if you’ve just arrived. Why do you leave so suddenly. Just as the beautiful flowers began to blossom into every corner, now, the leaves fall. You see, it wasn’t until early May that the snow finally melted from the cold, wet ground. Just luckily, a few hot spots still managed to make our summer exploration list. These adventures ranged from the Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Zoo, Lake George, the Great New York State Fair, Albany Tulip Festival, Saratoga Horse Track and much more. Winter in New York starts early (October ish) and I’m a Florida girl… so ya know I was freezing prior to the debut of Summer 2019. I feel like I have so much more to do but just like the wind, and the seasons, we most move on! Life forces us to grow. Don’t be stubborn, it’s time to Welcome the Fall.

Albany Tulip Festival
Albany, New York

As a full time general dentist, most of my summer days were spent simply adjusting to the culture of being a new doctor. Monday thru Friday, hustling solving decay drama from one office to another. Preaching to children and adults, alike about the harms of neglectful brushing habits. Managing boss life with Queen life. It definitely takes courage and motivation. As an new artist, my new singles “Jada” and “About Last Night,” made their debut Summer ’19. Writing music is an experience all too intriguing and surely healing. The bonus of all the chaos, the balancing work, life, and fun, has been growth of the mindset. That, is priceless. Thank you all, the King and Queen Squad, for continuing to inspire me along this unfamiliar journey, as we connect across the globe, from the beaches of Florida, to the shores of New York, across the Southern parts of Africa, to Belgium, deep into California, wherever you are. Thank you kindly.

New adventures await the King & I, as our Fall bucket list explodes, thanks to the recommendations of my dental assistants, hygienist, office staff, and patients. This Winter I look forward to visiting Lake Placid, Niagara Falls for the second time, and many more. Can you believe I’m even considering going out of the house in the blistering cold for ice sports? By now you can pretty much tell, I’m not a fan of freezing torture… LOL. I look at people with blank stares when then even suggest I get used to snow sports such as ice fishing and ice shoe-ing. Yikes, that sound cold and wet and miserable. Cuddling under my King in front of a toasty, fire place, sipping hot cocoa, watching Net Flix & Chill as the snow falls, please. But I also like adventure, so maybe.. lets do it. Stay tuned.

Bronx Zoo
Bronx, New York

Kings and Queens, the moral of the story: just as the seasons change so must our focus and drive towards a renewed mindset. Now is the time to attack your final goals for the year, envision the best life you can live everyday and seize the moment. Seasons change to shift our focus and allow us time to cleanse that from the past. Love forward and grow with each seasons. Kings & Queens, Happy growing Season. Are you welcoming Fall 2019 with open arms? (Comment below) I hope so.

Dr. Shon’s 6 Tips For a Plentiful Fall Season

  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Create new memories with loved ones
  • Fill each day with inspirational vibes that shift your focus to higher intentions
  • Focus on being healthier everyday
  • Brush your teeth
  • Set a goal for the Fall Season, maybe more than one

Kings & Queens, as we bask into the breeze of Fall remember to make everyday count, cherish loved ones, and reconnect with that which awakens your smile and spirit. All that is will be. Do that which makes your spirit smile unrelentingly. Happy Fall King and Queen Squad, Crowns on.

Rose Garden
Saratoga Springs, New York

Dear Summer Time,

When you return I pray you’ll stay a little while longer. This summer has been full of Hot Girls, Hot Beaches, and Boss Queens. I’ve enjoyed the many days of cool breeze and fresh air. As we wind down, please be kind and don’t stay gone too long. – A Florida Girl

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