Rude Summer 🤔

Lake George, New York

“Why did you leave without saying goodbye?” – @drshonw

Summer… it seems as if you’ve just arrived. Why do you leave so suddenly. Just as the beautiful flowers began to blossom into every corner, now, the leaves fall. You see, it wasn’t until early May that the snow finally melted from the cold, wet ground. Just luckily, a few hot spots still managed to make our summer exploration list. These adventures ranged from the Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Zoo, Lake George, the Great New York State Fair, Albany Tulip Festival, Saratoga Horse Track and much more. Winter in New York starts early (October ish) and I’m a Florida girl… so ya know I was freezing prior to the debut of Summer 2019. I feel like I have so much more to do but just like the wind, and the seasons, we most move on! Life forces us to grow. Don’t be stubborn, it’s time to Welcome the Fall.

Albany Tulip Festival
Albany, New York

As a full time general dentist, most of my summer days were spent simply adjusting to the culture of being a new doctor. Monday thru Friday, hustling solving decay drama from one office to another. Preaching to children and adults, alike about the harms of neglectful brushing habits. Managing boss life with Queen life. It definitely takes courage and motivation. As an new artist, my new singles “Jada” and “About Last Night,” made their debut Summer ’19. Writing music is an experience all too intriguing and surely healing. The bonus of all the chaos, the balancing work, life, and fun, has been growth of the mindset. That, is priceless. Thank you all, the King and Queen Squad, for continuing to inspire me along this unfamiliar journey, as we connect across the globe, from the beaches of Florida, to the shores of New York, across the Southern parts of Africa, to Belgium, deep into California, wherever you are. Thank you kindly.

New adventures await the King & I, as our Fall bucket list explodes, thanks to the recommendations of my dental assistants, hygienist, office staff, and patients. This Winter I look forward to visiting Lake Placid, Niagara Falls for the second time, and many more. Can you believe I’m even considering going out of the house in the blistering cold for ice sports? By now you can pretty much tell, I’m not a fan of freezing torture… LOL. I look at people with blank stares when then even suggest I get used to snow sports such as ice fishing and ice shoe-ing. Yikes, that sound cold and wet and miserable. Cuddling under my King in front of a toasty, fire place, sipping hot cocoa, watching Net Flix & Chill as the snow falls, please. But I also like adventure, so maybe.. lets do it. Stay tuned.

Bronx Zoo
Bronx, New York

Kings and Queens, the moral of the story: just as the seasons change so must our focus and drive towards a renewed mindset. Now is the time to attack your final goals for the year, envision the best life you can live everyday and seize the moment. Seasons change to shift our focus and allow us time to cleanse that from the past. Love forward and grow with each seasons. Kings & Queens, Happy growing Season. Are you welcoming Fall 2019 with open arms? (Comment below) I hope so.

Dr. Shon’s 6 Tips For a Plentiful Fall Season

  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Create new memories with loved ones
  • Fill each day with inspirational vibes that shift your focus to higher intentions
  • Focus on being healthier everyday
  • Brush your teeth
  • Set a goal for the Fall Season, maybe more than one

Kings & Queens, as we bask into the breeze of Fall remember to make everyday count, cherish loved ones, and reconnect with that which awakens your smile and spirit. All that is will be. Do that which makes your spirit smile unrelentingly. Happy Fall King and Queen Squad, Crowns on.

Rose Garden
Saratoga Springs, New York

Dear Summer Time,

When you return I pray you’ll stay a little while longer. This summer has been full of Hot Girls, Hot Beaches, and Boss Queens. I’ve enjoyed the many days of cool breeze and fresh air. As we wind down, please be kind and don’t stay gone too long. – A Florida Girl

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