Are dentist really that scary? My patients think so! But I’m here to change that. I’m the Motivational Dentist!

A middle aged patient, mid thirties, enters operatory with mother for a one surface filling. Patient (pt) was shaking and nervous. Patients demeanor revealed discomfort with the dental setting. Pt and mother voiced opinions about the visible fear patient had regarding getting a filling.

Me: We are going to go slow and I will guide you thru this experience. You are in control. You shouldn’t feel any pain. If you do raise your left hand. Now just relax. *administers anesthesia

Pt: *slowly lies back, still shaking. *mother coercing him to stay calm.

Me: *Talks slowly, walks him step by step, motivating him throughout the filling procedure.

We finished, his mother was shocked, and he had a huge smile! Just like that his fear of the dentist is alleviated.

Mom: What’s your name again. Thank you so much. Wow. Do you have a card? Where will you be?

Me: No problem. My pleasure. I’ll be here. They have my contact at the front desk.

Mom: Can you please write your name down? Thank you again. Patient still smiling. So excited he requested an additional service. *he lies back in the chair

This is exactly how 20 minutes of my day went. I couldn’t rush, I had to take my time. I meet patients like this all the time with a significant fear of dentist. As the motivational dentist, it’s my duty to alleviate that fear. Dental technology and procedures have advanced far from the days of pulling teeth without anesthesia. Today there are so many options for patient comfort. My solution for most fearful patients works most of the time. What’s my secret? Wellll, it may just surprise you. Answer: a friendly voice and a caring, motivating spirit. It calms them down every time.

Another point that really calms patients, is education. Once you teach patients about their dentition it really motivates them to incorporate daily brushing and flossing more consistently in their routine. Good oral hygiene prevents toothaches, periodontal disease, and a host of other symptoms and illnesses. One bad tooth will change your entire day and life! Sleep and eating will be nearly impossible, ask anybody. One patient said her symptoms were so bad that I can’t even repeat what she said she’d rather do!

So brush your teeth! Follow for more tips and education to help you treat your teeth like angels. Also shop our exclusive toothbrush collection! What color should we drop next?

Thanks for reading Kings & Queens… I loveeeee my Squaddd! Crowns on. 🙏🏾💕😎

Blessed to change the stigma about dentist! ✊🏾😎
today was exhausting up but my patients make it worth while. #MotivationalDentist #blackdoctorsmatter #blackdoctorswhitecoats

Don’t even think about quitting!

This week was one of the toughest, busiest weeks I’ve experienced in quite a while. I mean, there was patient after patient. But survival of the fittest means pushing through the difficult days. And of course, quitting is not an option. It means hustling hard even on days when you’re exhausted beyond wits’ end. I truly need a vacation but as the world closes down, one city after another, a vacation seems nearly impossible during the year 2020. Nevertheless, hard work is the key that advances wishes towards their transformation into dreams. And DReams, my friends, are built by doers, movers, and shakers.

As the motivational dentist, it’s my duty to enlighten all patients about the importance of their teeth. They matter in so many ways. Teeth effect your self perception, confidence and so much more. The most interesting things happened to me in the office this week. Yes, everyday is different with the constant battle of fighting tooth decay.

My motto is ”Just Say No To Cavities.” At least three teenagers sat in my chair with poor oral hygiene and an odd lack of love for their teeth. I mean, it’s mind boggling the amount of excuses they gave me as to why they hate their own teeth. “Just take them out and give me dentures,” one kid said. Really!! Negative! If the phrase, ”I don’t care about my teeth…” were the topic for a class essay, each of them would earn an A. But who wants to promote tooth loss and toothaches (ONLY lazy tooth brushers). On the other hand, at this dental visit, I would give each of them an F-. They earned it. I predict they’ll be in dentures by forty complaining about how difficult it is to eat but I’m no psychic.

Why do people sacrifice eating food comfortably, their precious smile, and a toothache free life simply because they practice bad oral hygiene. They refuse to brush and floss daily. Twice a day. I mean, motivating these demotivated teenagers was a dare but we will see what happens at their six month check up.

Another interesting case was the elderly man I met for the first time. He was shocked to witness my melanated skin walk into the operatory, greeting him as the doctor. It was written all over his face, he didn’t have to say another word. But he did. Immediately he seemed confused and uncomfortable with having an African American female dentist. This is how the conversation went:

Me: (enters operatory) Hi how are you today?

Elderly Caucasian Patient: Where is my dentist?

Me: They didn’t tell you… he retired a few months ago

Patient: Oh no. Do you even know what you’re doing?

Me: That’s rude. And I wouldn’t be the only doctor in this building if I wasn’t qualified. But because you’ve been so rude, please feel free to find another office to treat your infection. I will not be disrespected in that manner. Now, do you want to leave or do you want to do the treatment.

Patient: Ok, I guess we can do the filling.

***After appointment ends

Patient: (passing by my office) Thank you Doc! What was your name again?

Me: You’re welcome. I’m Dr. Shon (thinking in my head- “Don’t you ever forget!” 🤔💯✊🏾


F.Y.I. I’m the sweetest dentist you’ll ever meet until you disrespect me and remind me of how many nights I stayed up for this damn DDS! Am I qualified? I’m #MeharryMade and we #Overqualified – Don’t play with it!! 🤔🙏🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

Literally, my classmates and I studied many, many nights striving for a dream. Many times, studying until our brains ached from information overload. And we did it for four long years at Meharry Medical College. I remember those gruesome days just wishing and praying to finish strong. And we did. The troops of 2016 did. It’s offensive for someone to dismiss our sacrifice, hard work, and God gift given based solely on the color on ones skin. He tried it. But he learned that day.

So as you can see, my week was strange and worth the effort of being positive. Hopefully I changed a few perspectives on teeth and racism in the professional setting. Even if I wanted to get in my car and drive when the pressure increased, I stood in the paint. There is beauty in facing your challenges. I refuse to allow my struggles to dictate my day or my future. Once you overcome your heaviest tasks, the feeling of triumph will renew your spirit.

Kings and Queens, don’t ever think about quitting. Some, many will doubt you. Naysayers will criticize you. But stay focused on your dream. Everyday will be a test of your dedication towards the greatest challenge of your life… Fighting for your dreams. Elevate your perspective on life by absorbing as much knowledge as you can. Aim to grow everyday. Following your goals should be an invariable mission in your life.

So again. Don’t you even think about it. Quitting that is.

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Black Out Tuesday

For the next seven days, I challenge myself to blackout a few things. This will include all personal social media activity, any foods that are non-alkaline, and stress. I will replace these things with water, exercise for at least 45-60 mins per day, yoga, and meditation.

This will be the ultimate test of my will power and discipline. However, this test is only the beginning of a lifetime of change. My blackout represents all the black mothers, fathers, and children murdered by police brutality. George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Brianna Taylor, Trayvon Martin (murdered by a Wanna be police officer), just to name a few. I stand with buying black and justice for all. The toxic world we live in worsens by the day so we must grow. We must fight for justice and remained balance in our daily lives. We must continue to stay strong and vigilant.

It’s time to eliminate all toxins and poison from our mind, body and spirit. How do we go about accomplishing this task? Eliminate the thoughts of others. Detox digitally. Focus on the most prevalent issues detouring us from gaining true wealth and true freedom to explore our time as we do please. There are so many ways! The time is coming but why can’t it can be now. When will there ever be a greater moment than now to take back our life and turn pain into power. Now is the time. Stop holding yourself back. Release those toxins so that we may heal from every aspect. Now is the time to take control of our body and become in sync with positive, happy thoughts. Knowledge truly is power and it’s something we should always remember. Not money. Not hate. Not ignorance. Not racism. But knowledge. If you’re knowledgeable, you’re grateful and you show gratitude to all positive that enters your life. For it is by divine power and with God’s intention towards our life that encourage us to seek understanding.

Kings and Queens, your pain has no power. Pain takes our lives through circumstances we never imagined surviving. Pain with purpose invites our spirit to place where gain the ability to reinvest in faith. Your pain has no hold, its only purpose is to position you into a space of desperation for change. Knowledge is that change. Peace and love hold the pieces toward growing and elevating your atmosphere. Kings and Queens. Happy #blackouttuesday ✊🏾 Will

I accomplish this challenge? I pray so. It’s only one week. No personal social media. No bad food! This is going to be hard but worth it! God bless you all today! Stay safe and never forget why you wake up everyday. Find your dream. Chase your dream! Be your dream. Never giver up… now that  is an understatement. That’s not even an option! Period! Pluto! Mars! 

I send loveeeeee #KingandQueenSquad  

  • Dr. Shon

ᒍᑌᔕTIᑕE Iᑎ ᗷᗩᗷY ᔕTEᑭᔕ!

Gratitude meets me this morning. I’m so elated that Rayshard Brooks’, police-murderer has been charged adequately for the hideous, unethical, immoral behavior he displayed towards a Black, married, father of the community. I send my prayers and condolences to the family. We must continue to pray for the many families of all the lost soldiers. Achieving justice will require baby steps but those contribute tremendously towards prosperity. Let’s continued marching forward. And as we move forward, FamILy, march with an abundance of love, safety, and knowledge.

As I witnessed, the Fulton county DA in Atlanta, Paul Henry, breakdown the charges and investigation into the murder of Rayshard Brooks, the details were astounding. One thing that stuck out to me was the abundance of evidence presented in this case. Our phones matter. Traveling in groups matters. Kings & Queens, please be vigilant and aware of the heinous world we live in today. It’s imperative that we continue to uplift one another through community, networking, education, inspiration, and through our dollars. Their dollars could never really be “our” dollars because they lack they faces of our ancestors. Instead they bare the faces of white men who led a brutal history that has attempted to curse a generation of Africans and turn them into Americans. So use you dollars wisely.

Invest. Fix your credit. Buy real estate property. Start a business but also support the black businesses that exist around the nation. Make an attempt to figure out a way to create a business doing something different and unique to your lifestyle and personality. Today is the moment to navigate along the blazing trail of leaders, Kings, and Queens who have sacrificed their life to push for freedom. Keep motivating yourself to pursue your highest purpose in this lifetime. Many will not understand your fight, but fight anyways. Many will disrespect your hustle, but hustle anyways. Stay safe and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

As we prepare for the plethora of Juneteenth celebrations and appreciation events, remember everyday should be blackout day… black love day! I love you all Kings & Queens. Sending you positive vibes and love. U.N.I.T.Y.

Dr. Shon

Motivational Dentist | Artist | Entrepreneur | Activist

What does it mean to be 100% QUEEN?

You can’t get these vibes just anywhere.

What does it mean to be 100% QUEEN?

Every woman reaches a new level in life once she begins to recognize her worth. Being mindful of your internal value is a key component to being a Queen. We are all Queens inside, but in order to bring forth that Queen-Power, work must be done. There is no faith without works.

100% QUEENS do it Better. We never throw shade at another Queen in hopes that it will brighten our light and dim theirs. This is totally un-Queenlike. Queens uplift Queens. When we make a mistake, we apologize. We love harder and do things from kindness versus motive. A Queen is so confident in herself. She is unafraid to compliment or uplift another Queen because she knows that it will allow both of them to shine. When in darkness the more light, the better.

100% QUEENS don’t take crap from people. We are not push overs. We are protectors of our peace. We know that if a space clouds our light, it’s best to remove ourselves from that space. We fight for our rights. We follow our dreams unapologetically. We don’t make excuses about the things we lack because we have faith. Our faith is what makes us bold enough to walk with our heads high and crowns on.

100% QUEENS are strong-minded, beautiful creations adored by God. We are winners. Some days may be more difficult than others, but we still keep pushing. We never quit.

I send you positive vibes today FamILY, Kings, and Queens. I pray that you are smiling where you stand. Things are still shaky in the state of New York but thankfully the Coronavirus has slowed down its treacherous path. Prayers will continue to rise from my end. Stay faithful. And keep doing your best everyday. I love you all. Hopefully Summer 2020 will be better to us?

– Dr. Shon


The Meaning of it All…

What is the meaning of it all? Life is advancing at a pace far beyond our normality. Our daily routines have become hardly recognizable. The Novel Coronavirus 2019 is the talk of every town, city, well… the world. Where do we go from here?

In many households, including my own, this moment, our testing moment, aligns with the opportunity to grow. Growth is essential to becoming wiser. There are several levels to life that help us grow, we’ve only just begun to explore the many possibilities. In order to seize the moment, fear shall have no place in our ambience. March 25, 2020 presents as a a moment to seek understanding and peace despite it all. Life is like the stock market, some days up, some days down. Are we prepared for the moment?

In this moment we pray. And we pray hard. We laugh, we love, we bond to the fabric of family. These times provide understanding to our character and truly test of our faith. Globally we face the same issue. Constant chaos, too much Corona-News, and escalating panic are a huge threat to our sanity, prayer is of the essence right now. Prayer is the foundation to all blessings, it is needed on good days and bad days. Pray for all across the world, all people, all cities, families, children, the elderly, doctors, nurses, medical services, and everyone pushing towards a newer, brighter day. I pray for you reading this and I pray for me. I pray for everyone. Never in our time, have we expected a pandemic. This is historical but we will never, ever fold. Will you be strong enough to withstand the storm? Yes. Are we prepared to overcome any obstacle and fighting for our dreams? Double yes!

Our testing moment will be no easy feat. This requires a strong mind, as well as, a clear heart. Stronger minds recognize pressure at a much quicker rate than the ill prepared mind. A powerful mind harbors zero tolerance for pessimism. This testing moment defines our character. It arouses us from our comfort zone. Testing moments are temporary, I look at them as a golden opportunity to build the spirit. I’m using the Coronavirus Pandemic as a time to help structure better coping skills. I especially aim to disallow negative moments to taint my mind. It is easy to get off track when life forces you to pause. Although part of me really needed a pause, I worry most about the lives on the frontline. We mustn’t allow life to consume our mind. The best way to relieve these toxic thoughts is by practicing meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, pilates, drawing, reading, and/or writing. These are all ways to channel good vibes from this moment. Turn negativity into a creative works of art. In the end, the release of tension is also a nice reward.

The meaning of it all really encourages us to find the silver lining. This moment can’t hold you back. Embrace the changes and find a new way to grow everyday. Could this be a new path in your life? Ask God to give you a new direction. Life may have mundane moments but once we seek normality and peace, everything will reveal a silver lining. What is the meaning of it all, in your life? Have you discovered the silver lining? Did you pray about it?

Until next time, I send love, peace, and prosperity. I pray this quarantine doesn’t make me gain 30 lbs, I can’t seem to stop eating. Yikes! Blessings Kings & Queens. – Dr. Shon (Motivational Dentist)

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Ultimate Coronavirus Household Preparation List

How to prepare & plan for a community outbreak
Medicines in preparation for a COV-19 Outbreak

Shonteral L. Redmond, DDS

General Dentist

As the Novel Coronavirus 2019 continues to rampage thru communities across the world, fear and panic have begun to sweep the nation. According to the World Health Organization,  as of 3/15/2020, there are 153,648 confirmed cases worldwide, 5746 deaths within 146 countries. Schools and many business are closing down until April, with some even closing for the remainder of the year. Weddings have been canceled, commencements, and unfortunately many schools will not complete the 2019-2020 school year. But let us not fear, instead we must prepare. The Center for Disease Control recommends preparing to be quarantined for at least 2 weeks should an outbreak occur in your community. 

This list provides includes essential items you may need should all contact be cut off from grocery stores, pharmacies, and your normal way of life. 


Fruit & Vegetables
  • Canned fruit and vegetables in 100% juice or water (i.e. mandarin, peaches, oranges, pineapple, etc.)
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables (i.e. broccoli, asparagus, mixed veggies, corn, peas, etc.)
  • Applesauce
  • Spaghetti Sauce, salsa, tomato sauce
  • Dried Fruit (i.e. banana chips, apple chips, raisins, trail mix)
  • Baby Food and snacks for children (i.e. dry cereal)
Frozen fruit & Vegetables Last For Months in the Freezer
Fiber & Protein
  • Canned chicken or pouches
  • Canned fish (i.e. tuna, salmon, mackerel, etc)
  • Canned beans, lentils, and legumes
  • Frozen fish and meat
  • Nuts and seeds (i.e. hemp seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, pecans, etc.)
  • Dry or can beans
  • Seasoning and spices (i.e. turmeric, ginger, pepper, curry, etc.)
Hydration & Beverages
  • Bottled water
  • 100% Coconut Water (good for dehydration)
  • 100% juices (i.e. orange juice, apple juice, etc)
  • Drinks with electrolytes

Cleaning Supplies & Toiletries

Cleaning Supplies with antiviral and antimicrobial properties
  • Bleach
  • Lysol or similar disinfecting agent
  • Washing powder and laundry supplies
  • Hand Soap (i.e. dial)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Dish detergent
  • Toothpaste, mouthwash, floss
  • Lotion, soap
  • Diapers and wipes

Medicine Cabinet & First Aid Kit

  • 1 month worth of prescription medications (i.e. recommended by the American Red Cross)
  • Pain Medicine (i.e. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc)
  • Cough syrup, flu therapies, throat lozenges
  • Essential Vitamins (i.e. Vitamin C, Multivitamins)


  • Food and Cleaning Supplies
  • Medications

Last but not least, don’t become a hoarder. And as always follow universal precautions. Two weeks should be good enough to stock up for this period uncertainty. Sending prayers and love around the globe.

How to Properly Wash Your Hands?

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Spread Love, not Coronavirus.

Shonteral Redmond, DDS

General Dentist

Last Updated 03/14/2020

So… let’s talk about this Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). I really felt the magnitude of this pandemic approaching but I didn’t want to panic. So instead, I decided praying would be the best option. My prayers included a special request to stop the brewing madness. Everyday I wished COVID-19 would stop spreading. Leave us aloneee!!! Would this entire nightmare blow over like any other viral social media post? Or like America’s temporary Popeyes Chicken Sandwich infatuation? I had no clue. The daily news of the COVID-19 seemed unreal. As it spread first to the television networks, radio stations, all social media platforms, I knew it was not going to be over fast. There is now the feeling of being in a science fiction movie rather than a global pandemic.

As a healthcare professional, especially a dentist, knowledge about the route of transmission set off a red flag. According to the Center for Disease Control COVID-19 primarily spreads through air droplets, coughing, sneezing, blowing nose, and human to human contact.  Within 1 week, a discomforting thought has become the reality for millions all around the round. From Wuhan, China to Italy, to the United Kingdom, and America… COVID-2019 is a shocking and unpredictable monster. Things may become serious for everyday life according to the predictions made on the WHO website. Taking care of the oral cavity, while understanding the impact infections of the mouth have on overall health is a part of my everyday life. As a result, we are taking extra precautions in the office and rescheduling appointments for sick patients. We are also following Universal Precautions and professional level sanitation standards to assure we help prevent the spread of this disease. I pray we don’t have to close our doors and leave so many patients with toothaches and dental trauma without a place to go.

All attempts should be made to remain positive and hopeful about the future. This too shall pass. Honestly,  I am nervous. Like, I’m super nervous. I’m super scared. I’m scared for the families. The kids and babies. The mothers and fathers who now have to miss work. I am praying for all including the medical professionals on the front line. It’s all hands on deck. I pray for the world. Be an optimist! During this time read, write, drink lots of water, catch up on NetFlix, watch old movies, new movies, eat popcorn, stay healthy, workout. Chill out. Stay safe. Don’t travel unless it’s a medical emergency. Prepare to be quarantined for the next few weeks. Check on your family and friends. Most importantly, wash your hands. The world is at a standstill right now.

I don’t even understand how to prepare for it but as so many people prepare it forces your hand to take at least a little precautions. COVID-19 will impact you. Many stores have run out of items such as hand sanitizer restrictions on ordering for the next 6 months. Bleach, toilet tissue, paper towels, cleaning products, medications, can goods, box pasta, frozen vegetables are cleared from the grocery store shelves.  I predicted this on Wednesday during a conversation with my assistant Shareese. I said, “Shareese go stock up Queen because the stores are about to be empty. It’s already happened where I live.” She was surprised. Last week I mentioned it spreading infection to her while it rampaged the country of Italy. Now it’s in 100+ countries. 

I’m like WTF! What is going to happen when patients with toothache have symptoms of Covid-19? How do we protect our staff? What are the rules for dealing with something of this magnitude? How do we handle this from every aspect? I have so many unanswered questions.

Please be safe and take all Universal Precautions while the world battles this biological catastrophe. Dental Professionals can learn more about how to deal with the virus via the American Dental Association website.

We must disallow the fear of this virus to impede our spirit and control our lives.  But at the same time I’ve nearly become terrified at the length of time it could take to allow the disease to reach its peak infection rate here in the United States. It’s all about sticking together without seeing each other, how strange? Iconic places such as the National Basketball Association , Broadway in New York City, and the Barclays Center have temporarily closed their doors. Churches, schools, and other public gathering places around the world have also adopted the no close contact philosophy. CODVID-19 has the potential to spread fast in a city like New York City because people live on top of each other. In the year 2020, with all the super technological advances in the world, it is astonishing as to why don’t we have a plan in place to combat issues that create global pandemonium such as biological warfare type catastrophe. I’m praying for everybody, especially the elderly like my grandmother who resides in an assisted living facility. Dear God, please protect our elders. 

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Kings & Queens, my message today is to spread love not the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Do whatever you can to avoid panicking. Now it’s time for prayers, prayers, prayers,  prayers, prayers, and say it again, prayer! Be strategic. God be with us. Amen 

Shonteral L. Redmond, DDS

Let me get this off my chest…

Shonteral Redmond, DDS

What’s been up me lately? Well, I’ve been super busy fighting decay and scared to death of this new Coronavirus epidemic frightening families, businesses, and countries across the world. As a dentist, we are in the front line of the #1 location CoVid-19 lives. We are in the front line of bacteria and viruses of the oral especially ones transmitted thru droplets from sneezing and coughing. Hand washing is imperative now more than ever. To be honest, this virus has medical professionals on edge. In the meantime, I’ve been staying up to date with the latest news and watching the virus spread from country to country, including New York City.

February 27, 2020 we celebrated my Birthday with a tour NYC using a special sightseeing pass. The pass granted us admission into 3 different attractions. We opted for The Empire State Building, a Circle Line Cruise around lower Manhattan, and a tour to the top of the Rock. It was such a windy day but that didn’t stop tourist and Birthday goers like myself from enjoying the Big Apple.

All the while Coronovirus stayed on my mind. The day was amazing and Thank God we returned home virus free. But everyday I go to work is becoming scarier and scarier.

Eyes Forward Queen 👑

Eyes forward Queen. That‘s exactly what God told me. It was in the moment when I really really wanted to look away from my goals. Many questions ran thru my mind. In desperation, I wanted to find out reasons about the past that had nothing to do with my future. But God whispered, eyes forward Queen.

Dear Queen, to all the Queens around the world, today I encourage you too, to keep your eyes forward. Are you focused on the prize?

Keep your eyes focused on increasing your spiritual growth. Keep your eyes focused on the pursuit of happiness. This effort shouldn’t be “just a some time thing,” this is an every day mission. In order to aspire towards greatness or the ultimate royal status (full of peace, harmony, and balance) Queens must remember to keep their eyes forward. Keep your mind focused away from distractions pulling you further away from your goals. Distractions will never have the ability to expand us to higher levels. We must keep our eyes forward. Sometimes it may be tempting to go backwards… to look backwards… to turn around. But God has a plan for our life and his plans are not behind us. His plans for us reside in our journey forward. His promise is that we shall survive and overcome all obstacles.

We can overcome anything that frightens us. Disallow darkness, bad times, sad times, pain crying, heartache, or hardship to taint your happiness. Aim to grow into that beautiful flower you’ve always wanted to become. I’m not sure if you’re a rose, calla lily, sunflower, any flower, just remember once you accept your season to bloom… life will begin to propel you towards happiness. In essence, always spread inspiration and positivity. Queen, which direction are you looking ? Backwards or forwards? – Dr. Shon

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