New Year, New Vibes, Positivity ONLY

Dr. Shon in Timesquare, NYC
Dr. Shon in Timesquare, NYC

It’s 2022, and I’m all about enjoying and spreading positive vibes as much as I can. Every day is a new opportunity to level up and love the skin you’re in. Sometimes curve balls get thrown into the mix, but that’s how life works. This year and during the rest of your viability, make zero apologies for increasing the potential for blessings entering your life. On the same token, a conscience decrease in your availability for negative energy from anyone is imperative. It’s simply not worth it. Disallow these vibes to enter your atmosphere.

Dr. Shon in Timesquare, NYC

We are all worth being in our best state of mind. Every day I am learning how to master the art of transforming lemons into lemonade. When a challenge arises in your life, never fold, don’t cry, refuse to quit, just boss up in every way attainable. Be confident in who you are and everything that you embody. Maintaining positive vibes is one of the most arduous tasks you can master because negative energy is all around, but it’s up to you to determine if that type of poor energy will infect your “best life vibes.”

Sometimes God challenges us because his desire is for us to rise above the odds through faith. Sometimes God challenges us because he desires for us to rise above the odds through the demonstration of faith and persistent focus on the good. When your energy is distracted by bullsh*t, it shifts your entire mood to the left. Fostering a passion for the refinement of your character most certainly is no overnight job; this requires loads of dedication. As we grow and build a strong shield of honor in who we are, life will emit more positive energy that we can use on a difficult day. Blessings in abundance tend to overflow when you stay the course to your purpose and dismiss all diversions from the primary, most motivating goals.

Believe that you are well equipped to master the art of positive energy in every situation you encounter. Refuse to play any games with your inner and outer peace of mind, no matter how hard it becomes to stay solid without giving up on your purpose.

There are several ways to stay the course and get rid of negative energy. First, seek gentleness with yourself even when your hot button is getting pressed over and over again. Trust the process and path that God has laid before your eyes. Second, focus on positive things and learn how to detect circumstances that attract engaging efficacious energy. When I say don’t let anybody play with you, you better not! Don’t even allow your to play with you!

Dr. Shon in Timesquare, NYC

“Positive vibes only” must be your go-to motto when you require inspiration to manifest dreams or goals that seem nearly impossible. Remember that all things, including your scariest goals, are super possible with God right by your side as a tour guide through life. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and fly high in the clouds of fruitfulness. Maybe it’s time for you to spread your wings and soar towards greatness in every sense of the word. Building self excellence is an inside job and is absolutely required to defy the most daunting odds. No matter what you’re going through, trust God the entire time. When the clouds turn grey and tornadoes embark on your path, bringing along heavy rain and life-threatening winds; just pray. Release those fears into the palm of God’s hands.


Manifest and grab your best life and positive vibes only RIGHT NOW! Wasting time is so old-fashioned. Have a prosperous, bountiful year, Kings & Queens! You-Got-This! Period!

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I have Covid on Christmas!! Now what?

Ho, ho, ho… Merry Covidmas!

Oh what joy! This is exactly the fearful experience I’ve been avoiding for two years straight: being caught down bad with covid. The sense of my dismay all began last weekend with feeling slightly fatigued. Even still, the following Monday I decided to go to work despite my inner intuition telling me that something just didn’t feel right. From the time I saw my first patient until the end of my workday, I felt a little weak. Thankfully we monitor our temperature daily and when I took my temperature, it was normal at 97.3 degrees Fahrenheit so I ruled out any major illnesses. Plus it was cold as hell, around 17 degrees and snowy. I thought, maybe it’s just too damn cold in New York for me!

Because New York is in the middle of the coldest season of them all, I’m almost certain this freezing cold weather likely exacerbated my deterioration. Y’all already know I’m too much of a Florida girl for this (by way of Africa). By the time I got off from working 8am to 4:30pm, every ounce of my energy felt depleted; it was down hill from there. The mysterious thing about it all, I had no congestive symptoms to suggest a cold, flu, or even covid. But by the end of Monday night, my fever arrived with a vengeance. The highest temperature recorded during my battle was 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

After some time I just believed that I’d succumb to a battle with stomach flu or a cold. Honestly, other than a fever, diarrhea, fatigue, chills, and headache, I wouldn’t have thought it was anything else. Tuesday came and I decided to stay home and rest. This was the worst day of them all. The chills and fever lingered from Monday but now my body felt eerie as hell. I can barely string the terribleness I felt into words. At bedtime the severe insomnia and out of whack body temperature made me wish for better days. You know how it is when you’re sick, you just wish and pray to feel normal again.

Preparing fresh Shrimp & Crab Veggie Soup

By Wednesday the symptoms were the same which prompted me to scheduled a covid test in order to rule out the fast spreading disease: omicron. I went to the testing center, took my test and waiting patiently. The process was fast and over before it began. The best part of it all, it was free of charge minus the fifteen minute drive.

On Thursday, I waited and waited for the green light to go back to work even though I still didn’t feel 100% like myself. Maybe I felt about 60% better. However, I noticed fatigue upon exertion, upset stomach, slight fever, and some eerie feeling. Then around 1:00pm an email arrived in my inbox titled: Your test results are here.

Yikes! Even though I was nervous the thought of being diagnosed with covid never really struck me. No cough, no respiratory infection, hell, I’m not sure what I thought I had, but surely not covid. But this time I was completely wrong!

The results revealed that my covid PCR test came back Positive. I was in shock. Thankfully I halted going back to work before truly knowing the results. Now, I’m stuck in isolation and feeling like that eerie feeling all makes sense now. The irritability and trouble sleeping finally makes sense. My body was in defense mode against the main culprit, public enemy #1.

I would say having a thermometer and my covid preparedness kit from the start of the Pandemic really came in handy. Stocking up ahead of time really made a big difference in my recovery. Ginger, turmeric, honey, lemon, crab and shrimp veggie soup, coconut water, Aleve, Vitamin Water, Vitamin D, Honey and Garlic, and Elderberry are just a few of the foods and medicines that aided me back to health.

Shrimp & Crab Veggie Soup 🍲

It’s Day 6 and I now have slight respiratory congestion, fatigued upon exertion, decreased insomnia, loss of smell, and decreased appetite.

I am ready to feel better but I’m sure this will take a few more days to recover. I pray that anybody else dealing with Covid gets better soon. Let’s stay positive and pray for better days. Positive Vibes Only Syndrome is also a medicine to boost the mood and decrease all negative energy. I’m not sure how many more days I’ll feel not like myself. Nevertheless I’m grateful to still be alive.

Stay safe Kings and Queens. Have a wonderful, blessed day. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. Do you want me to post the recipe to my Get Better Soon Tea or Crab and Shrimp Veggie Soup? Do you have any healing remedies to share? Comment below and let me know. Or email me info@drshon.com

God bless!

Dr. Shon the Motivational Dentist


The Interesting World of Trading

Wow. My official day & swing trading journey began on November 1, 2021. And since that time, my mind has been blown by the unlimited potential this field has to offer. Far too long have I waited and prayed for God to reveal a method to support my family and me without the aches and pains of manual labor. Even as a dentist, some days I feel extremely burned out, and that’s just on a four-day workweek. I’m running around doing exams and treatment from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Maintaining a full-time dental career, multiple businesses, writing books and music, all while learning trading can be exhausting. 😵‍💫

The moment I stumbled upon the Trade and Travel Course created by an African American female who looks like me, Teri Ijeoma, I was mind-blown. I’m amazed at how the leading day traders earn income that’s more than the salary of a dentist, and all from the comfort of their own home, in 80- 90% less time. That’s truly astonishing. It puzzles my noggin because I’ve never heard anyone in my family or close vicinity mention day and swing trading as a full-time career option. Of course I’ve heard of NASDAQ and DOW but I’ve never thought it applied to me. I thought that was for white old men, just to be honest. Yeah, it’s risky business if you lack the knowledge to be successful, but life is risky when you don’t pursue your goals to the fullest potential. Being poor and subjected to working in corporate dentistry is risky.

My first encounters with the exciting world of day trading has somehow given me a sense of freedom for my future. With this new found knowledge, I believe that there is an absolute way to advance my financial freedom plan and early retirement goals. Everything has a process, and of course I am still learning the ropes in this industry; there is a plethora to grasp in order to make this work in my favor. Nevertheless, from sunrise, until market opening time, I feel excitement rush through my body, waiting to see what moves my money will make for the day. Some days it moves in a negative direction, and some days I can hardly contain my excitement as a stock rallies to profit levels.

My first month as a day and swing trader has been all about learning patience. That’s genuinely key to maintaining my peace and sanity while undertaking such an unfamiliar potential career. Some days I wonder if it’s real, and I find myself still in disbelief that’s investing can be this lucrative with the proper risk management protocol in place. But it’s true. My largest profit in one day has been a little over $200, but that’s only been one lucky day. The rest of the days have left me waiting and yearning to see green.

Honestly, this is only the beginning. So far, I have learned a ton about comprehending charts, technical analysis, entry and exit points, options, futures, wall-street techie terms, and other miscellaneous stock market rules. The greatness derived from all of this exciting momentum is gaining money-making skills that I can use for the rest of my life.

I pray this blog inspires someone, somewhere who is seeking a new way to financial freedom to explore the wonderful world of Trading. God bless you all.

– Dr. Shon

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Can I thrive in an environment designed for me to fail?

Repeat After Me: Yes, I can and I will. Nothing can stop me.

I must admit, thriving in an environment, designed for failure, well that was tough! But God!

People used to look my siblings and I, like the dirty poor kids without parents. —> mom dead, father absent.

They thought they could do anything they wanted to us. It’s funny how people believe kids don’t remember bad treatment, or they assume you’ll end up just another statistic. They damn sure said I would be a teenage mother, poor and well… helpless! 🗣

But I always knew God made me special, regardless of my environment. Many days I cried in silence because as a child, in many ways you are helpless.

We spent several miserable years grieving our mother and fighting other demons!

At the early age of 7, after losing my mom, it became my #1 life mission to escape poverty, misery, and disgust.

I prayed to escape folks who didn’t love us enough to understand that we were already broken into a million little pieces.

We required love, not manipulation.

The fact that God’s favor isn’t based on other folks opinion provides me with a heart full of joy!

I bet those same people now say:
“I would have never thought she would become a doctor after going thru all that!”

Moral of the story ⬇️
Nothing can stop me! Periodt!
Nothing can stop you! Periodt!

We mustn’t internalize negativity! Life is full of opportunities and excitement once we learn to be positive and maintain an “I can do all things,” attitude!

Stay strong #KingandQueenSquad Live your best life today, not tomorrow!

Positive Vibes Only Syndrome is required to overcome your obstacles!

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The Majestic Niagara Falls

The Majestic Niagara Falls and DD’s Birthday (Vlog!)

In Memory of Doris Denise Jackson

It was such a pleasure to visit Niagara Falls for a second time this year. With all the chaos around, the waters provided a sense of calm. Niagara Falls has easily become one of my favorite places to visit. It’s a free trip with a priceless purpose. The crushing sound of the waves crashing against the earth are a constant reminder that God is real! His power unapologetic and full of character.

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Making plans for November! 🍂🍁🌾

Wow, I can’t believe this year is nearing an end. Hello November! What a journey it has been thus far. Wouldn’t you agree? This month, I am actually glancing onward while discerning a few changes that could give rise to an improvement in life goals. For one, I would prefer to make a comeback with self care and soul growth. I’ll be honest, I’ve slightly allowed my beauty routine to slack. But by nature, health is wealth. This pandemic has been extremely exhausting to routines and how we maintain our daily balance in every way. It’s far more difficult to focus on eating healthy and maintaining good workouts during this uncertainty of a time. One thing that has kept me partially balanced is my inconsistent weekly yoga sessions. That’s mainly because my body mostly craves it after a long day at the dental office, fighting a shit load of caries. It seems that people despise the dental office and all it’s bright lights, irritating sounds, and mainly the needle. They hate it to the point where they’d rather allow caries spread uncontrollably eating away their enamel. In addition, stress builds with travel restrictions such as the one in New York, cancelled family vacations, and disrupted life routines. Things have taken a sudden pause. Vastly much of the world is different and hopes longer that it will ever be the same. I’d be happiest when the pandemic comes to an end, but the year is nearly over and it’s still going.

Next, I would like to see the 3rd Annual Virtual DReamergency Walk come to life. It’s my life passion to inspire the youth and continue my mother’s legacy. Covid has forced our team to cancel travel plans back to my village in order to connect and inspire disadvantaged and underserved dreamers. If there is a will, there is a way. This year’s theme is My DReams are Essential. This statement speaks volumes. Dreams still matter. Right now there are so many kids impacted by the abrupt change of learning environment. Many kids and parents are battling having to attend school via online modules. Dreams are on the line. Our mission with the Doris Denise Jackson Foundation and the DReamergency Walk is to encourage kids to keep dreams alive despite the odds. The scholarship component of the walk are focused on rewarding our future leaders for the efforts, studying hard and never relinquishing their goals when crisis strike.

Furthermore, I will officially be completed with one major goal, one that has taken quite some time this month. I’ts extremely sensational to have come so close to accomplishing such a feat. One thing is for sure: hard work pays off. So, my ode to you Kings and Queens, keep growing and elevating as this year concludes. How will you make this month count towards a brighter future? If you’re in the United States, will you make the effort to vote on November 3rd. Will you find ways to reconnect with family and friends while staying safe during coronavirus? Will you discover a new hobby that consumes more of your free time than the internet and social media notifications? Will you, too, get back to your self care and healthy routines? Time is of the essence my friends. Don’t allow the moments worries to block your vision and purpose.

This month will have challenges but make the best of everything in your favor. Stay focused on the goals you’ve set for yourself, your family, the community, and your business. This is just a little reminder from me, to you with intentions of sharing a good vibe. Stay safe Kings and Queens. Stock up your household with can goods, sanitary items, and health care supplies before another outbreak happens. Be prepared and observe the world around you. Read a book. Join a book club. Enjoy life. Wear a mask. Spread joy and kindness. There is too much hate being placed on platforms that aim to bring fear, but fear not. Love more. Fight for equality and justice unapologetically. Become the best version of you. Do that every day. Oh yeah, get your shine totally on!

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Pick Up Ya Damn Feet! Chase Your Dreams…

Shonteral L. Redmond, DDS
Shonteral L. Redmond, DDS

Motivational Dentist

Do you have a choice about the direction your life is going? Are you dragging your feet everyday, hoping and praying to find your way to a brighter day?

Well, its time to pick up your damn feet! I titled this blog in such a mysterious way because it’s truly meant to inspire you to get up and stop doubting yourself. The year 2020 has proven to the entire world that no one knows what tomorrow may bring. Therefore, it has never been a better time than now to release all of your self doubt. The year 2020 has proven that it takes a generous amount of faith in action and a lot of adaptation to strive past our new normal. I know it sounds simple but staying motivated is a challenge. Today I just hope to motivate you, to move your damn feet from a spot of doubt and self inflicted negativity. For example,  if you’ve been on the same job for 5 years with a lack of growth in pay and job title, maybe it’s time to move your damn feet. This applies to any area of life including relationships, job, school opportunities, weight loss goals, etc.

 What exactly do I mean by moving your damn feet? Now, I know some people who are cool sailing being mediocre and never desiring to elevate their life to the fullest potential. These are the folks who have yet to find their purpose and don’t really care. They don’t aspire to contribute anything to the greater good. So this blog ain’t for those folks. But if you’re like me and you just can’t sleep because you feel the pinned up energy within you, driving you towards your purpose, then continue reading. I don’t care what excuse you could come up with as to why things aren’t working for you, now is the time to let it go. Now is the time to embark on a journey towards your purpose fulfilled life. If you were looking for a sign, then this is your sign. So many of us need encouragement and inspiration but we don’t even know how to go about obtaining it. 

Your potential is limitless. So don’t limit yourself, don’t limit your dreams, don’t limit your vision, and for sure, don’t limit your happiness.

The easiest way to be inspired when life kicks you where it hurts is to get up. Now open your eyes, think about your mission, and focus on your purpose. I realized that my purpose is to inspire others because I came from a place that was very, very dark in my eyes. My testimony could help someone fight for their dreams even in the darkness. It took me a very long time to get out of the shadow of gray clouds that consumed me. I found myself dreaming but also I found myself miserable. So If you want to become more solid and aim for more purpose, keep going!  The first step is just to believe in yourself. So from this day forward I want you to believe in yourself come hell and high water. I too suffer from self doubt sometimes when I set goals that seem too ambitious. It seems like maybe… I’m dreaming a little bit too big. Like maybe… I don’t have enough faith in the things that I want to achieve. But I am here to tell you today, remove the self doubt from every inch of your spirit. It does not belong there. What belongs in your spirit?  A strategy to propel you forward is what you need. How do you plan to make everything that you desire come into your environment? You don’t have to deal with stressing every day, living check to check, settling for less, not knowing what you’re gonna do about the future. Actually you can and will have better. 

Many people sell themselves short because they have a fear or a complex about the consequences of failure. Failure stops most people from even trying. They won’t ever attempt to gain new knowledge, use a computer, learn a new skill, go on a vacation, or even take a plane ride because of fear. Fear should have no control over your destiny. Your potential is limitless. So don’t limit yourself, don’t limit your dreams, don’t limit your vision, and for sure, don’t limit your happiness. Dream bigger not smaller. 

As we move forward in the month of September, mental health is going to be key. The focus is elevator mode. We are going up from here. Every day and every second of your life may not be a happy moment, it may be very stressful but channel the stress.  Think of strategies that help you view life in a more positive perspective. Why?  Because you deserve positivity. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live your best life. And more importantly, you deserve to obtain every blessing God has planned for you this year. 

If you’re still thinking , “ I don’t even deserve it,” you’re holding yourself back. Attaching negative feelings and negative people, or the past to your present is worthless. So today, move your damn feet out of the same spot. That’s the point! Move your feet to a place where you feel happy.  Find a place where you feel comfortable enough to grow. Please don’t spend any more time in 2020 and beyond chasing that which makes you feel less than your worth. And you have to know your worth in order to believe in yourself. Believe that you’re priceless. You’re beautiful, you’re intelligent and you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. 

In this season, as we wrap up 2020, let’s attract fruitfulness into our life and home. This is the season of blessings so be sure to plant good seeds. Plant them deep, cover them with dirt and provide plenty of water. Be patient, they will start growing. Once they start growing don’t forget to keep it going. Even when you get flowers growing in your garden, stay motivated, keep watering them. These are your new seeds of hope. After today I would like to witness more walkers,  runners, and chasers on the way to their dream. This is Dr. Shon checking out. Thank you for reading my blog. 

I send love to all of my readers in the United States, Belgium, France, Germany, Nigeria, and Sweden. We’re going global. Share this blog to your family and friends to spread inspiration. King and Queen Squad, have a happy, happy blessed day and until the next blog… Peace ✌🏾 

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I searched for him, but he needed me. How to Achieve a Deeper Level of Love?

If we are up, we rock together, like rock stars.

Dr. Shon

I searched for him because, maybe, I desired a deeper love. A Love I knew existed, somewhere, somehow. Nowadays with the advancement of social media, television, reality TV, and drama consummation all over the place, love has met its match. But love can win, the strong will survive the test of love. However, there is something bothersome about being in a relationship that lacks consistent growth. It feels like you’re basically suffocating and settling for less than your worth. Have you ever felt like that? If you’ve ever been in a relationship where you’ve settled for less than you’re worth, it can be a daunting dilemma. This type of love forces you to compensate for the lack of natural, equal love. Love can go deeper every day with the right recipe and chefs. But it literally begins with yourself. A deep love starts with self love. In addition, the healthiest love also includes genuine love towards our heavenly creator. 

Take care of yourself, that’s the first way to fall deeper in love. – Dr. Shon

Learn to love and appreciate yourself from the inside out. Fall in love with everything that you are and everything that God created you to be. Do those few things and life will transition so beautifully for you. Loving others first comes at a token of loving yourself, it’s the initial sacrifice. And I know that saying sacrificing love towards others to give it to yourself sounds weird, but it’s true. Especially if you’re a vessel running on an empty tank. Just think about this, after boarding an airplane, who does the pilot recommend to put their mask on first, in the case of an emergency? First, they instruct the parent to place the mask on themselves, then secondly on the child. The thinking is, “How can I help others if I can’t help myself? How can I love others if I can’t save myself?” Tending to your self care needs is the surest method to speed up the love process. Self love is the first way to fall deeper in love. 

The second way to fall deeper in love is to seek a companion with similar interest as you. Of course they may not like everything you like but their interests should be nearly equal or similar to your own. A deep, loving relationship also requires the cooperation of compromisers, but one person shouldn’t compromise more than the next. For example,  maybe you share the same interest in traveling, family values and morals. When it comes to religion, people  tend to cross the line and date within different religions but I won’t get into that here. All of these situations require compromise at some point. Serious issues such as religion, family planning, and mental health problems can make or break a relationship. To fall deeply in love, all of the quirks should be well communicated and understood. As long as you share some similarities, it will be easier to enhance your bond and overall connection. 

Trust is one of the key foundations to building a deeper love. – Dr. Shon

The third way to fall deeper in love is to really take in consideration how much growth there has been in your relationship over time. Are both partners aiming to grow one another mentally? Let’s start there. Mentally, are you challenging one another to love each other better, caressing each other more frequently, and focused on the romance? Are you challenging each other to go back to school or take up a new trade? Are you aiming to give more surprises,  more conversations focused on enhancing the family values, working together on difficult life tasks, and/or showering each other with affection. To grow your love deeper, one must seek to elevate the love story as a couple every single day. Life is too short and if you waste time on unnecessary things your love remains stagnant.

The fourth way to fall deeper in love is to find creative, fun ways to create memories. As a couple, are you creating vivid, lifelong memories for generations to come? Are you cherishing your happiness and growth together as an unit? If you’re not happy, falling deeper in love is nearly impossible. First, find your happiness and never compromise it. It should feel overjoying, waking up next to your soul mate, having the opportunity to watch the sunrise or witness sunset together. Kissing and hugging throughout the day also help create the sense of intimacy and passion. Texting throughout the day, showering each other with affection, love, and attention, are other ways to keep the momentum going. Trust me, there are tons of ways to grow deeper in love. 

To go deeper you must make faith a part of your connection. – Dr. Shon

The fifth way to fall deeper in love is to survive the storm together. No one person should be responsible for making it through the storm alone. If we’re down, we’re gonna be down together baby! If we are up, we rock together, like rock stars. Love is about really being together and having a well balanced life as the days come and go. Nowadays, there seems to be an imbalance between women and men in the relationship. Many women carry heavy loads as mothers, working women, and they do it alone. It’s just totally unfair. I’ve had an experience with this in the past and it nearly ruined me as a woman. Vice versa. To fall deeper in love your companion should be an equal contributor to the whole unit of the family. They shouldn’t be able to sit and do nothing. When you find a soul mate, they should ease your heavy load. They should free up your time to allow more time to focus on other weaker aspects of your relationship. 

Number six. High levels of faith are required to survive the storms that we mentioned earlier. Faith is the essence of love because it gives you a positive outlook on the future of your love life. Love can go deeper if you challenge your brain to defy the norms of the society. To go deeper you must make faith a part of your connection. When tough tests arise, will your relationship stand the test of time? When temptations approach, will you pass them in the opposite direction, or will you fail the test, ultimately hurting your partner? If you fail, it simply means you’re not ready for love; especially if you’re hurting people you claim to love. That means you may not even know how to properly love yourself. You’re not honest with yourself, instead you’re greedy and selfish. That’s not love.  Love begins with faith and honesty within. Develop a relationship with God to pray about your downfalls. When you love God,  naturally and innately there is a desire to treat others respectfully. 

Number seven. Trust: now this is a biggie. Trust is one of the key foundations to building a deeper love. In order to fall deeper in love, a significant amount of trust is required.  There are going to be times when your mind plays tricks on you and make situations look like something they’re not. There are going to be times when you doubt yourself, when you feel like the love is just going to end up wrong. The more trust you have, the stronger the relationship. Period.  Trust is the tool that allows relationships to quickly overcome storms, difficult situations, arguments, and disagreements. Learn tools and resources to help build a solid love foundation. Once you realize there is another person who has your best interest at heart: cherish them, treat them like a queen every day. Treat him like a king every day. Pursue happiness together, that’s what helps us fall deeper in love. 

Romance is essential to a deep love life. The eighth way to grow deeper in love is to show affection. Don’t spend too much time giving your affection to social media, other people, your job, nor the bad parts of your life. Show lots of affection without being a nagger. Don’t hold the past or past relationships at hostage in your new love life. Let that old sh*t go! Excuse my french! Cook for one another, massage one another, and schedule frequent date nights.  I love a sexy, romantic date night with fresh flowers, a picnic by the beach with candlelight. Yessss!!! Always remember why you all fell in love at the very beginning. Make anniversaries and other significant dates in your relationship special. Deep love should fill your heart with a proud, happy, romantic feeling. 

Romance is essential to a deep love life. – Dr. Shon

Number nine. Be honest with yourself the things you will and will not tolerate from a significant other. Many people stay in relationships for the wrong reason. Money, a fancy lifestyle, cars, worried about what other folks “gon say,” stability are among those reasons. Respect, honesty, and compassion should be the priority on the toleration list. Settle down with someone who will be there when you’re old, sick,  and/or when you fall down and need a helping hand? Do they make you feel royal? Know what you’re looking for in a relationship and write it down. Be open minded as well. But don’t be a fool for love. 

The number ten way to fall deeper in love is to have fun! Lots of fun! Love is experiencing new views together, creating timeless memories, discovering new ways to be happier together, building a stronger trust, a stronger faith, a stronger connection and a stronger romantic neuronal connection. Involve romance in your life on a daily basis, not only on Valentine Day. Every day should be Valentine’s Day when you’re deep in love.  

In conclusion. I searched for him because I knew he was a King. Because of the way he communicates with me. Because  of the way he considers my future in my mind. Once we reconnected, I realized that he needed me. He needed my tender loving, kind spirit. He needed my encouragement. He needed my support as a queen. And I needed him to tilt my crown back into the right position. I needed his guidance, his touch, his presence. I needed the masculinity of his leadership. I needed his mind, his brilliance. In order to fall deeper in love, you must embrace the role of king and queen. You must exude royalty at all times. Deep love should make you the happiest. So yeah, he needed me but I damn sure I need him too! To be so deep in love. Now that’s fun!

Kings and Queens, what other ways are there to fall deeper in love? Have you ever had a deep love? Leave me a comment and tell me your experience.

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10 Ways To Embrace the Next Level of your Life. Unapologetically!

“Embrace the Next Level of your life. Unapologetically.” -Dr. Shon

Do you have enough endurance to overcome bad moods and failed plans. Are you expecting everyday to go smooth in a peachy creamy-like fashion? Will you fold under pressure every chance life’s obstacles appear before your eyes? Can you dig deeper to see a different, more embracive view point? One that includes your highest aspirations, secret dreams, and things you’ve only manifested in privacy. I believe so. Embracing the next level of your life will require consistent faith even on the days your internal good vibe clock seems to be delayed. We as Kings and Queens are capable of embracing the bad, as well as the good. Learning to transform our teachable days into life experiences is key. Burdensome days teach us a lesson or two about maintaining a positive mindset during a storm. Nobody said the task of keeping ya head up is easy, but it’s surely doable. When irritating situations arise in our lives, it’s imperative that we continue seeking inspiration from all around us. How can we seek out a glimpse of good vibes even when we don’t feel like it?This blog will reveal 10 tips to help you turn a desperate, dilapidated day into a purpose filled, mind growing day.


Good vibes can be found in other inspiring people, blogs, video, and books. They can also be found in deep conversations with friends and close family members. One of the best ways to find good vibes is thru self care, vacation time, bonding time with loved ones, celebrations, and dream chasing. Good vibes are everywhere, catch one or throw one! – Dr. Shon

It’s so easy to move along each day without actually cherishing the day. Life has a way of taunting us with unexpected surprises that toss our plans, to do list, and schedules into a chaotic war zone. We’ve all had those days! Those days where you just don’t feel like digging your head from underneath the blanket and pillows. We’ve all had days where we feel like we need a vacation. Actually, I’m starting the first day of my vacation as I write this blog piece. Trust me, I couldn’t wait to take a mental break from 2020 and all of this years curve balls; also realizing that my time is of the essence. I barely get time to spend with self care due to my busy life as a dentist; sometimes that aggravates me. You see, I too have those please leave me alone days. Ya know, when you’re feeling lazy, bothered, and not in the mood for convo.

“Good vibes are everywhere, catch one or throw one.” – Dr. Shon

There is a remedy for gaining your freedom and time back. I don’t know about you, but I plan on using my few vacation days to seek our ways to embrace life in a more efficient capacity. The next level of my life will be full of good will, financial freedom, consistent health consciousness, motivation, and lots of faith. I’m claiming it ahead of time. Of course, adapting to a positive lifestyle is no overnight feat, it all starts with day one. Most people never accomplish their goals because they say, “One day I’m going back to school…” but they never take the initiative to research the enrollment requirements or ask questions about the which degree program excites their interest. Why not take that leap of faith towards success today? Manifest the dreams you’ve withheld for so long, do it TODAY! Believe it today! In order to make all of life’s aspirations come to fruition, we must manifest them in our daily visions and goals. Kings and Queens, having consistent positivity and fruitfulness is truly possible if you desire it enough. Speak life into your dreams and goals. Manifest your good days and thank God for your bad days. All of our days, whether good or bad, make us a better, more well rounded, an indestructible force to be reckoned with. Manifestation is one of the best ways to embrace the next level of our life. Here are 10 other ways to endure more life and transform negative to positive.

10 Ways to Embrace the Next Level of your Life:

  1. Speak Life into Your Dreams and Goals
  2. Never Underestimate the power of failure. Fail and try again. This means that you are determined to break through the barriers between you and your goals.
  3. Be a magnet for other positive people and environments. If you put out positivity, positivity will be attracted back to you. If you dish out negativity, negativity will be attracted back to you. Period.
  4. Cut off anything that lacks a purpose in your future and /or the plans you’ve created for success. You don’t have much time to waste. Stay focused on your intentions.
  5. Devise a plan, weekly, monthly, yearly, to help you accomplish your top priorities. Write your purpose down. Review it. Reward yourself when you accomplish the goals you’ve set.
  6. Meditate daily to clear your mind from toxic energies absorbed all over a stressful day. Release bad vibes by taking a steamy, hot shower. Meditate while listening to waterfalls or Sade’ (or whatever music relaxes your mind or silence is sometimes golden). Take a brisk stroll along a shaded trail as you listen to the birds sing a melody. Let it go! Let life grow!!
  7. Develop a weekly Self Care routine. Be sure to include exercise such as yoga or pilates. A little tender, loving, care (TLC) never hurt anybody. Pamper yourself regularly. Goals are a lot more accomplishable when you feel great about being you. You deserve to be healthy and happy. After all, health is wealth.
  8. Be the leader of your own parade. Never be afraid to let your little shine until it becomes a big light.
  9. Stop doubting yourself for every little mistake. We all make mistakes. Learn to use failures as fuel to fund passion. Mistakes make us wiser. Never dwell on the negativity of a failure, focus on the lesson.
  10. Be in favor of your life and all the blessings you may have begun to overlook. Realize that all things are possible with God.

In closing, as we navigate out of 2020 with hopes for a more prosperous 2021, don’t forget to use these 10 tips to help you embrace the next level of your life. Life is going to be amazing, just claim the life you desire. Take your time but don’t waste your time. Every day you must think about new ways and visions to help you be successful. You deserve it.

I’ll be taking my own advice as I start my vacation. To be honest, I love writing this blog and connecting to the world. If I could find more time to embrace more of this passion I would be elated. Time will tell. It amazes me to see readers all of over the world, in the United States, Sweden, France, Nigeria, and Jamaica to name a few. Thank you for the support. Remember #blacklivesmatter

Kings and Queens, until the next blog, I pray you each have a blessed, blessed September. Don’t forget to spread love, wear your invisible crown daily, andddddd embrace the next level of your life! Peaceeeeee

Leave a comment and let me know what tips you have to embrace the next level of life? Where are you reading from?

“Don’t forget to spread love, wear your invisible crown daily, andddddd embrace the next level of your life!” – Dr. Shon

I love you FamILy,

Dr. Shon

The Motivational Dentist

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Motivation for spreading your wings. Living a purposefully graceful life.

Stepping out into new terrain

Greetings Kings and Queens. What drives your daily motivation to wake up each day with a positive mindset? Or do you wake up in a mindless clutter? Perhaps, you don’t even think about it at all. But imagine if we all woke up full of admiration to be the best person we can be from the inside out. I’m talking spirituality, physically and mentally. All three areas require a well balanced, guided mind. How do we obtain that? The answer lies within.

Grace is defined as elegance or certain will. It’s important to be graceful with thinking and moving, especially when it comes to our main objectives in life. Positive thinking drives thoughts into action. They help the mind focus on the task. Use elegance when thinking about your future and all the goodwill that is going to come your way. Some people never take the opportunity to spread their wings because it can be a scary thing. But I didn’t say it wasn’t worth it. Spreading your wings towards your greatest potential invites so many blessings into your life. It invites all your hearts desires and dreams into consummation.

What key steps can you take to help you overcome fear and spread your wing?

  1. Wake up in prayer. Everyday feed your mind positive affirmations such as ”I can do anything I put my kind today.” ” Today is going to be a great day.”
  2. Don’t stress about things beyond your control. Keep your thoughts clear from substandard ideation. You win some, you lose some but everyday is a new opportunity to breakthrough all your obstacles.
  3. Be a leader. Leaders are ambitious, creative, and unafraid to dream despite the risk of failing. Failure is only a lesson. Keep going until your accomplish your goals.
  4. Take your time but don’t go so slow that you never start your goals. Progress is a baby step process. Be eager to make a list and check out task a little at a time. There is a high reward in daily strides towards your dreams. Always began how you want to end. Began with a bang and end with a bang.
  5. Make lemonade! Life will hand you a heap of lemons. What you do with them, that’s all up to you. I’ve learned to love lemonade. It’s the sweeter version of the bad things that happen to you. If something bad comes to ruin your day, think about a positive thing you can can learn from the experience. That’s how you make lemonade. Seeing the good in all.

Life is about choices. Go ahead and fly. It’s your time. No one can spread your wings except you. Trust the process and go through it with dignity and grace. Be excited about waking up to start fresh. Give yourself time and patience to elevate.

When I started this journey to becoming a dentist it seemed like a never ending mountain. But God! Through the blood, sweat and tears I made it. Be dedicated to your dreams regardless of how many lemons come in your bag. Regardless of how many nights you must sacrifice to pass that exam. Regardless of how many people doubt you. Regardless if you don’t have everything you need. Stay the course. Stay focused. Crush those lemons… Add some sweetness I.e. Positive vibes… And mix… Think about it like this, the more lemons… The more lemonade. Drink up!

God made your wings durable enough to fly and conquer all that comes your way. As the winds blows and lifts you higher and higher into the arms of financial and mental freedom, stay focused. Stay strong. If you could be anything, what would you become? DReam BIG!

Kings and Queens it’s your time to soar. Reach high and dream bigger than big. The sky is not your limit.

Yours Truly, Dr. Shon (Motivational Dentist)

Comment and let me know what helps you stay focused on your goals?


Black Out Tuesday

For the next seven days, I challenge myself to blackout a few things. This will include all personal social media activity, any foods that are non-alkaline, and stress. I will replace these things with water, exercise for at least 45-60 mins per day, yoga, and meditation.

This will be the ultimate test of my will power and discipline. However, this test is only the beginning of a lifetime of change. My blackout represents all the black mothers, fathers, and children murdered by police brutality. George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Brianna Taylor, Trayvon Martin (murdered by a Wanna be police officer), just to name a few. I stand with buying black and justice for all. The toxic world we live in worsens by the day so we must grow. We must fight for justice and remained balance in our daily lives. We must continue to stay strong and vigilant.

It’s time to eliminate all toxins and poison from our mind, body and spirit. How do we go about accomplishing this task? Eliminate the thoughts of others. Detox digitally. Focus on the most prevalent issues detouring us from gaining true wealth and true freedom to explore our time as we do please. There are so many ways! The time is coming but why can’t it can be now. When will there ever be a greater moment than now to take back our life and turn pain into power. Now is the time. Stop holding yourself back. Release those toxins so that we may heal from every aspect. Now is the time to take control of our body and become in sync with positive, happy thoughts. Knowledge truly is power and it’s something we should always remember. Not money. Not hate. Not ignorance. Not racism. But knowledge. If you’re knowledgeable, you’re grateful and you show gratitude to all positive that enters your life. For it is by divine power and with God’s intention towards our life that encourage us to seek understanding.

Kings and Queens, your pain has no power. Pain takes our lives through circumstances we never imagined surviving. Pain with purpose invites our spirit to place where gain the ability to reinvest in faith. Your pain has no hold, its only purpose is to position you into a space of desperation for change. Knowledge is that change. Peace and love hold the pieces toward growing and elevating your atmosphere. Kings and Queens. Happy #blackouttuesday ✊🏾 Will

I accomplish this challenge? I pray so. It’s only one week. No personal social media. No bad food! This is going to be hard but worth it! God bless you all today! Stay safe and never forget why you wake up everyday. Find your dream. Chase your dream! Be your dream. Never giver up… now that  is an understatement. That’s not even an option! Period! Pluto! Mars! 

I send loveeeeee #KingandQueenSquad  

  • Dr. Shon

The Meaning of it All…

What is the meaning of it all? Life is advancing at a pace far beyond our normality. Our daily routines have become hardly recognizable. The Novel Coronavirus 2019 is the talk of every town, city, well… the world. Where do we go from here?

In many households, including my own, this moment, our testing moment, aligns with the opportunity to grow. Growth is essential to becoming wiser. There are several levels to life that help us grow, we’ve only just begun to explore the many possibilities. In order to seize the moment, fear shall have no place in our ambience. March 25, 2020 presents as a a moment to seek understanding and peace despite it all. Life is like the stock market, some days up, some days down. Are we prepared for the moment?

In this moment we pray. And we pray hard. We laugh, we love, we bond to the fabric of family. These times provide understanding to our character and truly test of our faith. Globally we face the same issue. Constant chaos, too much Corona-News, and escalating panic are a huge threat to our sanity, prayer is of the essence right now. Prayer is the foundation to all blessings, it is needed on good days and bad days. Pray for all across the world, all people, all cities, families, children, the elderly, doctors, nurses, medical services, and everyone pushing towards a newer, brighter day. I pray for you reading this and I pray for me. I pray for everyone. Never in our time, have we expected a pandemic. This is historical but we will never, ever fold. Will you be strong enough to withstand the storm? Yes. Are we prepared to overcome any obstacle and fighting for our dreams? Double yes!

Our testing moment will be no easy feat. This requires a strong mind, as well as, a clear heart. Stronger minds recognize pressure at a much quicker rate than the ill prepared mind. A powerful mind harbors zero tolerance for pessimism. This testing moment defines our character. It arouses us from our comfort zone. Testing moments are temporary, I look at them as a golden opportunity to build the spirit. I’m using the Coronavirus Pandemic as a time to help structure better coping skills. I especially aim to disallow negative moments to taint my mind. It is easy to get off track when life forces you to pause. Although part of me really needed a pause, I worry most about the lives on the frontline. We mustn’t allow life to consume our mind. The best way to relieve these toxic thoughts is by practicing meditation, aromatherapy, yoga, pilates, drawing, reading, and/or writing. These are all ways to channel good vibes from this moment. Turn negativity into a creative works of art. In the end, the release of tension is also a nice reward.

The meaning of it all really encourages us to find the silver lining. This moment can’t hold you back. Embrace the changes and find a new way to grow everyday. Could this be a new path in your life? Ask God to give you a new direction. Life may have mundane moments but once we seek normality and peace, everything will reveal a silver lining. What is the meaning of it all, in your life? Have you discovered the silver lining? Did you pray about it?

Until next time, I send love, peace, and prosperity. I pray this quarantine doesn’t make me gain 30 lbs, I can’t seem to stop eating. Yikes! Blessings Kings & Queens. – Dr. Shon (Motivational Dentist)

Dr. Shon TV



Spread Love, not Coronavirus.

Shonteral Redmond, DDS

General Dentist

Last Updated 03/14/2020

So… let’s talk about this Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). I really felt the magnitude of this pandemic approaching but I didn’t want to panic. So instead, I decided praying would be the best option. My prayers included a special request to stop the brewing madness. Everyday I wished COVID-19 would stop spreading. Leave us aloneee!!! Would this entire nightmare blow over like any other viral social media post? Or like America’s temporary Popeyes Chicken Sandwich infatuation? I had no clue. The daily news of the COVID-19 seemed unreal. As it spread first to the television networks, radio stations, all social media platforms, I knew it was not going to be over fast. There is now the feeling of being in a science fiction movie rather than a global pandemic.

As a healthcare professional, especially a dentist, knowledge about the route of transmission set off a red flag. According to the Center for Disease Control COVID-19 primarily spreads through air droplets, coughing, sneezing, blowing nose, and human to human contact.  Within 1 week, a discomforting thought has become the reality for millions all around the round. From Wuhan, China to Italy, to the United Kingdom, and America… COVID-2019 is a shocking and unpredictable monster. Things may become serious for everyday life according to the predictions made on the WHO website. Taking care of the oral cavity, while understanding the impact infections of the mouth have on overall health is a part of my everyday life. As a result, we are taking extra precautions in the office and rescheduling appointments for sick patients. We are also following Universal Precautions and professional level sanitation standards to assure we help prevent the spread of this disease. I pray we don’t have to close our doors and leave so many patients with toothaches and dental trauma without a place to go.

All attempts should be made to remain positive and hopeful about the future. This too shall pass. Honestly,  I am nervous. Like, I’m super nervous. I’m super scared. I’m scared for the families. The kids and babies. The mothers and fathers who now have to miss work. I am praying for all including the medical professionals on the front line. It’s all hands on deck. I pray for the world. Be an optimist! During this time read, write, drink lots of water, catch up on NetFlix, watch old movies, new movies, eat popcorn, stay healthy, workout. Chill out. Stay safe. Don’t travel unless it’s a medical emergency. Prepare to be quarantined for the next few weeks. Check on your family and friends. Most importantly, wash your hands. The world is at a standstill right now.

I don’t even understand how to prepare for it but as so many people prepare it forces your hand to take at least a little precautions. COVID-19 will impact you. Many stores have run out of items such as hand sanitizer restrictions on ordering for the next 6 months. Bleach, toilet tissue, paper towels, cleaning products, medications, can goods, box pasta, frozen vegetables are cleared from the grocery store shelves.  I predicted this on Wednesday during a conversation with my assistant Shareese. I said, “Shareese go stock up Queen because the stores are about to be empty. It’s already happened where I live.” She was surprised. Last week I mentioned it spreading infection to her while it rampaged the country of Italy. Now it’s in 100+ countries. 

I’m like WTF! What is going to happen when patients with toothache have symptoms of Covid-19? How do we protect our staff? What are the rules for dealing with something of this magnitude? How do we handle this from every aspect? I have so many unanswered questions.

Please be safe and take all Universal Precautions while the world battles this biological catastrophe. Dental Professionals can learn more about how to deal with the virus via the American Dental Association website.

We must disallow the fear of this virus to impede our spirit and control our lives.  But at the same time I’ve nearly become terrified at the length of time it could take to allow the disease to reach its peak infection rate here in the United States. It’s all about sticking together without seeing each other, how strange? Iconic places such as the National Basketball Association , Broadway in New York City, and the Barclays Center have temporarily closed their doors. Churches, schools, and other public gathering places around the world have also adopted the no close contact philosophy. CODVID-19 has the potential to spread fast in a city like New York City because people live on top of each other. In the year 2020, with all the super technological advances in the world, it is astonishing as to why don’t we have a plan in place to combat issues that create global pandemonium such as biological warfare type catastrophe. I’m praying for everybody, especially the elderly like my grandmother who resides in an assisted living facility. Dear God, please protect our elders. 

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Kings & Queens, my message today is to spread love not the Coronavirus or COVID-19. Do whatever you can to avoid panicking. Now it’s time for prayers, prayers, prayers,  prayers, prayers, and say it again, prayer! Be strategic. God be with us. Amen 

Shonteral L. Redmond, DDS


First of all, I’m a Florida Girl!

New York is great but there is nothing like the Florida sun! I really enjoyed having weather near 70 degrees during the Winter. Ahh…. My melanin really missed basking in the bright, warm sunshine. They don’t call it the Sunshine State for no reason.

Floridians have no clue how lucky they are. Several of my patients from New York travel to Florida for part of the year when the Winter season begins. After my recent trip to my hometown Tallahassee, Florida I can truly see why these human snow birds make this decision. Florida is amazing.

I’m satisfied, wonderfully baked, and my Vitamin D is recharged. Thank you Florida Sun. As soon as we landed in Orlando, I felt the difference. My body instantly felt alive. Check out these photos from our trip to Tallahassee Day #1. (Ahhh, this sun! )

Dear Florida, I miss you already! – Dr. Shon


Social Media Detox

On Monday September 22, 2019, I decided to take a detox from social media. Today is day 3 of my detox.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
Brooklyn, New York

Why did I decide to detox? Well, nowadays, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many others all require too much dedication for a few likes and shares. I’ve been planning this for awhile especially after receiving DMs from people with false accusations about who I am and why I didn’t answer a “Facebook” call. Facebook calls don’t even ring to your phone! SMH. Some people will place the entire basis of your relationship on one call you never saw. They will unfriend you and treat you like a stranger, all on one app, from one missed call. This actually happened to me. Clearly, social media relationships have gone too far; they have gotten out of hand. In response, I decided to take back control and freedom of my time. Hello DETOX!!!!!

No longer am I constantly refreshing a dead news feed, waiting on the next hot post, with reminders from Facebook that I “missed a popular post.” Or reminders from Facebook that my audience needs more attention or “What’s on your mind?” Being overexposed on the internet makes other people develop false sense of who you are as a person and individual. They no longer see the person but the XXX number of followers. Very often, family members will know what my every move is or say, “I got on Facebook to keep up with you,” yet they never see the need to build genuine relationships. Is this all for show? I found myself pouring more and more of myself into these social media apps, in the name of inspiration but who inspires the inspirer. I was also losing more control of who I am. And I don’t want that life.

Clifton Park, New York

Self-respect and self worth are imperative to maintaining positive internal feelings. How we view ourselves has a major effect on our quality of life. With so much toxicity and negativity in the world (i.e. social media) it is pretty easy to absorb negative feelings towards yourself if you are not strong enough. It is about no longer requiring the approval of others to feel validated, this is disrespecting yourself. Never place the wants, needs, and desires of others before your own. You come before other people in your life. Make sure you meet your own emotional needs, this is not other people’s job. They have their own life. With God in the driver seat, you can navigate anywhere life takes you. But make sure self respect is the safety belt. Acknowledge to yourself that you deserve to be treated respectfully, set boundaries. When others disrespect these boundaries have a zero tolerance policy. Be more assertive and confident to others and make sure they are not overstepping your respect line. When you allow others to disrespect you, this helps nobody. This is a sign that you’re slacking on your self-care and perspective of self worth; also allows the other person to act on negative interpersonal traits. Before creating an external world, i.e. on Social Media, we must be safe, productive, fruitful internal world. We must have a clear purpose for life outside of the social media box.

This detox will help me get back self worth and self care. I want to fully enjoy normal daily activities other than selfies, strolling, posting, liking, and commenting. It seemed like it was becoming a second job only to make the people who know you, hate you. Why am I giving myself away to be judged and ridiculed? I do it because I want to inspire but I must first be inspired. I don’t want to inspire a lie. This detox is therapeutic in many ways. Its forcing me to use a different part of my brain, one that doesn’t require likes for validation. It’s forcing me to work on other areas of myself and my life. Facebook post do not define a person or all that they are made of. Nor does it measure your self worth. That’s an inside job.


This is What I learned so far during my first phase of this detox:

  • Life is too short to base relationships off social media interactions
  • My mind is much more valuable without the need to share my every positive thought. I feel clear and free.
  • There are other areas of my life that need a lot of work. The first, self-care. So far, I have added aromatherapy to my daily regimen. This is helping me detox the stress of everyday life.
  • People don’t miss you when you’re off social media. In these three days I haven’t received any calls or text except from people who genuinely care. This is my village, small, but it’s a village, one that I am thankful for.
  • The feeling of not being glued to my phone screen every 10 minutes, jumping from one app to another, cross-linking this app to the next: Priceless. I feel free. I said that already but it’s true.
  • I do miss communicating with those who keep me encouraged thru social media but I must focus on a better me. I don’t need social media to do that.
  • I am capable of doing more constructive activities with my new abundance of free time. For one, I have been spending more time planning my walk ( The Doris Denise Jackson DReamergency Walk) and getting some details ironed out in my personal life.
  • Life goes on… Peacefully

Will I return to Social Media? Yes

Is this detox effective? Absolutely.

Adirondack Mountains, New York

My internal growth has increased drastically within the past three days. The lingering on and off feelings of doubt are slowly decreasing. Even with such a little time, I find myself searching for my more positive avenues to channel all of the free energy; I love not having the urge publish a post to social media every time I think of a new idea or inspirational words. Instead, I now prefer to write it down and deliver my talents at my own convenience. This is self control in my eyes. In control of every aspect of my social media life. I desire real relationships, not watered down “Hi and Bye,” social media love. Am I partly to blame for that? Yes but as a leader, it must stop this detrimental process, at least in my own world. I miss the short space in time being raised by my grandma Eartha when she was up and active, the 90’s. Back in those times, there was no social media, just family gatherings, lots of love, and no family members on social media chasing clout. We’d yell thru a large field of about 10 acres to catch the attention of neighboring family members. We used to pick up the phone and have meaningful arguments or celebrate good news. I mean you could just feel the genuine love. There were arguments but not arguments that last forever, there was no competition. Social media is part of the problem but I realize it really starts with the person. We are ultimately in control of the energy and waves we create in our life. If we never regain that control of ourselves, are doomed to being Facebook, IG zombies? I hope not.

I don’t know how long this detox will last but for now, I’m loving it!

– Dr. Shon

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The Last Christmas of this decade: 2019!

I had such a great time on 12/25/2019, the last Christmas of this decade. In a non-traditional Dr. Shon fashion, I was super excited when my King suggested we go to the Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York City. I mean the sight of the people, the buildings, the colorful lit tree really has a way of bringing out the jolly in you. It was a great suggestion and a dope way to end the 2019 year and this decade. A decade that literally grew me in ways I’ve never imagined possible. Thank God for growth.

This decade has been full of ups and downs and around the corners. I am eager to wash away the headaches of the past and grow into the new decade with grace and peace. I’ve learned so much these past 10 years as a woman, a Queen, and a doctor. It’s always a great idea to re-evaluate the use of past time to make sure we are using it wisely. A waste of time does no one any good. For the past 10 years I would say the hustler really came out of me. I mean dental school was the hardest sh*t ever. But I did it! Every exam, every patient, every late night, every dental board exam, it was hard. This decade grew me as a Queen in a relationship. A relationship teaches you how to compromise and really learn to be friends. Love is a wonderful thing when you actually put in the work, equally. We really have been thru thick and thin and I really appreciate my King for never quitting along this journey, God really made a way, every-time. There are so many other ways I’ve grown in this decade but there is so much more space to be a better, wiser person. And I’m all down for elevating my mind, body, soul, and relationships stronger.

Here are 10 ways to expand the mindset in 2020:

  1. Move towards SOMETHING instead of AWAY from something. Tackle those long standing issues that have been hindering your growth and creating bitter feelings.
  2. Declutter a special space in your home dedicated to the things that bring you peace. Whether it be candles, a comfy couch, and a good book, create the perfect peaceful atmosphere.
  3. Read a book dealing with the issues you’ve been facing.
  4. Let yourself simply be at one by sitting in nature: under a tree, on a beach, near a waterfall. This is super relaxing.
  5. Have fun with someone you love. Be a kid again. Don’t be so uptight.
  6. Ease up on expectations. Things happen that are out of your control, keep your cool in every situation and it will eventually work out.
  7. Have a pampering spa day: Nails, hair, massage, wax, wine, whatever enhances the way your body feels. Whatever makes you feel good.
  8. Don’t compare yourself to others. God make you uniquely amazing.
  9. Make sure you get enough sleep. A tired mind is the breeding ground for complacency.
  10. Be true to yourself. Be honest with your feelings. Write them down and release them.

Let’s prosper!

Happy New Years Kings & Queens,

Dr. Shon

Keep rising to the top Kings & Queens! Break those generational curses.

Nothing was handed to me. Imagine if I was raised in the house with momma and/or daddy! My children will know better. I wish to leave a legacy and roadmap for them to follow. That’s how you break generational curses. It starts with one person. Every generation can’t say f*ck the next generation and just keep living life. Parents should be ready to invest knowledge, time, and wisdom if they are ready to bring life into the world. Never abandon your seeds. They need your encouragement and motivation. I wanted different so I refused to allow my circumstances to dictate my faith in God! Sometimes you have to plant, water, and nurture your own seed. But God will always deliver on a miracle if you remain consistent and focused.

Keep rising to the top #Kings and #Queens

Will you be the first in your family to break generational curses? Will you be the parent that invest in your child? It matters. DReam BIG!

Are dentist really that scary? My patients think so! But I’m here to change that. I’m the Motivational Dentist!

A middle aged patient, mid thirties, enters operatory with mother for a one surface filling. Patient (pt) was shaking and nervous. Patients demeanor revealed discomfort with the dental setting. Pt and mother voiced opinions about the visible fear patient had regarding getting a filling.

Me: We are going to go slow and I will guide you thru this experience. You are in control. You shouldn’t feel any pain. If you do raise your left hand. Now just relax. *administers anesthesia

Pt: *slowly lies back, still shaking. *mother coercing him to stay calm.

Me: *Talks slowly, walks him step by step, motivating him throughout the filling procedure.

We finished, his mother was shocked, and he had a huge smile! Just like that his fear of the dentist is alleviated.

Mom: What’s your name again. Thank you so much. Wow. Do you have a card? Where will you be?

Me: No problem. My pleasure. I’ll be here. They have my contact at the front desk.

Mom: Can you please write your name down? Thank you again. Patient still smiling. So excited he requested an additional service. *he lies back in the chair

This is exactly how 20 minutes of my day went. I couldn’t rush, I had to take my time. I meet patients like this all the time with a significant fear of dentist. As the motivational dentist, it’s my duty to alleviate that fear. Dental technology and procedures have advanced far from the days of pulling teeth without anesthesia. Today there are so many options for patient comfort. My solution for most fearful patients works most of the time. What’s my secret? Wellll, it may just surprise you. Answer: a friendly voice and a caring, motivating spirit. It calms them down every time.

Another point that really calms patients, is education. Once you teach patients about their dentition it really motivates them to incorporate daily brushing and flossing more consistently in their routine. Good oral hygiene prevents toothaches, periodontal disease, and a host of other symptoms and illnesses. One bad tooth will change your entire day and life! Sleep and eating will be nearly impossible, ask anybody. One patient said her symptoms were so bad that I can’t even repeat what she said she’d rather do!

So brush your teeth! Follow motivationaldentistry.com for more tips and education to help you treat your teeth like angels. Also shop our exclusive toothbrush collection! What color should we drop next?

Thanks for reading Kings & Queens… I loveeeee my Squaddd! Crowns on. 🙏🏾💕😎

Blessed to change the stigma about dentist! ✊🏾😎
today was exhausting up but my patients make it worth while. #MotivationalDentist #blackdoctorsmatter #blackdoctorswhitecoats

Coney Island, Sunset & Adventure

This past weekend was simply amazing. After getting off work on Friday we took a drive to NYC for some fun and adventure in the fall-time sun. The yellow, green, red, and orange fall leaves covered the edges of the highway as we traveled from the Capital Region (Albany, NY) to New York. New York is one of those places that experiences every seasonal change. Even though I absolutely hate the beautiful winter snow, it doesn’t change the fact that NYC is one of my favorite place. There are so many things to do, museums to explore, historical monuments, and each of New York City’s 5 boroughs has it’s own unique character. This weekend we focused our attention of the borough that meets neck to neck with the Atlantic Ocean… The Coney Island.

Coney Island lies in the southwestern part of the Brooklyn borough. The exciting space creates a nostalgic atmosphere with the old fashioned Cyclone Roller coaster, Luna Park, the famous boardwalk and the New York Aquarium. This visit we basically did tour of the park with our main focus on the beach. I am a Florida girl so I will ALWAYS find a beach. The sound of the waves crashing delicately against the shore brings so much peace. On this particular day, it was mildly chilly at about 50 degrees. The beach was clear and it seemed we had the space all to ourselves for a while.

As an aspiring, non-model I love just taking pictures for fun. It’s something I picked up from my Aunt Linda. She is the real picture Queen. Whenever there is a funeral for a local relative in Tallahassee, she is the picture lady. I really picked up my love of creating memories from being her niece. She probably has more pictures of me than I have of myself. LOL.

The first time we came to Coney Island last year November, we were living in New York, homeless. This visit to Coney Island was awakening to my spirit. It helped me to realized how much has changed in a year. As the waves crashed against the beach, I released all the emotions of feeling defeated back into the sea. I felt a weight lifted off of my spirit. All of our hard work was not in vain. My King & I stuck it out thru the most trying part of our life thus far. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world.

Eyes Forward Queen

“Keep your eyes forward, Queen,” that’s what God told me. This message came to me when I desired it to look in the past. I wanted to discover the numerous reasons for my struggling life, even though they have nothing to do with my future. So God advised me to keep my eyes and pace moving forward. Nothing lies in the past except lessons. So to all the Queens worldwide, today I encourage you to keep your eyes focused on the prize. Keep your eyes focused on your spiritual growth. Keep your eyes focused on the pursuit of happiness, and this is not just a sometime thing; this must become an everyday thing. To aspire to greatness, royal status, full of peace, harmony, balance, and royalty, one must remember to keep the eyes forward.

God I trust you!

Keep your mind focused away from things that distract your focus from the faith you require to believe in yourself. Never focus on things that don’t expand your vision and creativity. Keep your eyes forward! Sometimes it may be tempting to go backward, to look back, to turn around… but God has a plan for your life. His dreams are not behind you. God’s plans for your life are forward! With God’s grace and mercy, you shall survive and overcome all obstacles and anything that may be frightening to your happiness. So don’t be afraid of darkness, bad times, sad times, pain, crying, heartache, nor hardship. If you keep your eyes forward, keep focusing on growing every day, concentrate on your time and ways to use it wisely, you WILL win! You have the capacity to transform your mindset to spread inspiration, positivity, and especially kindness to others. To all the Queens worldwide, my message for you today is to keep your eyes forward. Amen, amen! God bless you all!

The Majestic Niagara Falls

In Memory of Doris Denise Jackson

It was such a pleasure to visit Niagara Falls for a second time this year. With all the chaos around, the waters provided a sense of calm. Niagara Falls has easily become one of my favorite places to visit. It’s a free trip with a priceless purpose. The crushing sound of the waves crashing against the earth are a constant reminder that God is real! His power unapologetic and full of character.

Check out this Vlog from the new series The Life of Dr. Shon on Youtube. Ep. 1 The Majestic Niagara Falls and DDs Birthday Weekend

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