Black Out Tuesday

For the next seven days, I challenge myself to blackout a few things. This will include all personal social media activity, any foods that are non-alkaline, and stress. I will replace these things with water, exercise for at least 45-60 mins per day, yoga, and meditation.

This will be the ultimate test of my will power and discipline. However, this test is only the beginning of a lifetime of change. My blackout represents all the black mothers, fathers, and children murdered by police brutality. George Floyd, Sandra Bland, Brianna Taylor, Trayvon Martin (murdered by a Wanna be police officer), just to name a few. I stand with buying black and justice for all. The toxic world we live in worsens by the day so we must grow. We must fight for justice and remained balance in our daily lives. We must continue to stay strong and vigilant.

It’s time to eliminate all toxins and poison from our mind, body and spirit. How do we go about accomplishing this task? Eliminate the thoughts of others. Detox digitally. Focus on the most prevalent issues detouring us from gaining true wealth and true freedom to explore our time as we do please. There are so many ways! The time is coming but why can’t it can be now. When will there ever be a greater moment than now to take back our life and turn pain into power. Now is the time. Stop holding yourself back. Release those toxins so that we may heal from every aspect. Now is the time to take control of our body and become in sync with positive, happy thoughts. Knowledge truly is power and it’s something we should always remember. Not money. Not hate. Not ignorance. Not racism. But knowledge. If you’re knowledgeable, you’re grateful and you show gratitude to all positive that enters your life. For it is by divine power and with God’s intention towards our life that encourage us to seek understanding.

Kings and Queens, your pain has no power. Pain takes our lives through circumstances we never imagined surviving. Pain with purpose invites our spirit to place where gain the ability to reinvest in faith. Your pain has no hold, its only purpose is to position you into a space of desperation for change. Knowledge is that change. Peace and love hold the pieces toward growing and elevating your atmosphere. Kings and Queens. Happy #blackouttuesday ✊🏾 Will

I accomplish this challenge? I pray so. It’s only one week. No personal social media. No bad food! This is going to be hard but worth it! God bless you all today! Stay safe and never forget why you wake up everyday. Find your dream. Chase your dream! Be your dream. Never giver up… now that  is an understatement. That’s not even an option! Period! Pluto! Mars! 

I send loveeeeee #KingandQueenSquad  

  • Dr. Shon

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