Birthday Day Trip to DC… but we didn’t expect this! 🥳🤯

Celebrating another year of love and life is exactly how this day began. But we were in for a big surprise. January 5, 2021 is a day that will forever be etched in my memory. My fiancé and I planned to spend the day celebrating his birthday with cool vibes and views. Before our arrival in D.C. we mapped out a few black owned restaurants and a bakery in the area. After grabbing a bite to eat we headed to see the White House. On the way there we were stopped by a National Guardsman who informed us that there was a T***p Rally taking place. We actually drive right past it.

Black Lives Matter ✊🏾 ✊🏿✊🏽

I’ve never seen the White House up close and in person. It would have been nice to finally get this opportunity. Ya know, it would have been another check on my bucket list of places to travel. But there were T***p flags everywhere. So many of them flooding our eyes. The first awkward thing we noticed was the blockage of all the parking spaces near the Capital Buildings due to an “emergency. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know they were actually planning to storm the White House. The sight of this many people supporting such a racist person made me uncomfortable. It was awkward. We took a few snaps near the Lincoln Memorial and fled the scene. I was eager to disappear from the brewing chaos. Something just didn’t seem right.

Nevertheless the day continued to be exciting. We were celebrating another New Year and my King, Foreign Blaxx, Birthday. We literally brushed it off and carried on with our day!

During this time, getting out the house to visit other cities feels like luxury. This pandemic and covid-19 has pretty much killed many of our travel plans. And here I was thinking this disease would be gone from our daily life by now. I couldn’t have been more wrong. But my optimism remains strong that we will survive this,

Our visit to D.C. voyage proved just how much businesses and families all around the nation are affected by this uncertain length of upset in our world. Every business establishment we entered required mask. In addition, take out was the only option for dining. Some restaurants such as Ben’s Next Door, made outside seating under a tent with space heaters an option. The ghost town vibes were surely in full effect.

District Soul Food in Washington, D.C.

The food was delicious from each of the black owned restaurant we visited including Ben’s Next Door, The Sweet Lobby, and District Soul Food. Even just riding around and doing light shopping at Pentagon Row Mall was a break for our new normal. In the midst of it all I learned a lot about the city of Washington, D.C. Visiting the few black businesses helped me appreciate the culture and life that exist in the area. It felt great to be here, on this day, supporting my people. And celebrating my King. We even drove to the Pentagon, where we got stopped by the Pentagon Police. Luckily they were nice and guided us back to the interstate.

Happy Memories must still be made. Life must still be lived to the fullest, despite this global pandemic. Kids still need encouragement to follow their dream. Goals still must be set, planned, and accomplished. Birthdays and special occasions still need tending to. We must disallow time to escape so rapidly by failing to treat each second precious. Like diamonds and gold. Each second and minute is more valuable than your most prized possession. Live life with and abundance happiness and peace.

Hanging on the block in Downtown Washington, D.C.

This short birthday trip allowed us the opportunity to escape the familiar four walls of our home. At least for a little while. We were given another day to breathe fresh air. The change of scenery was exhilarating. I love seeking out inspiration from all around the world. Inspiring sparks lurk everywhere around us but they must be sought out. That’s exactly what we accomplished. We sought out inspiration and new memories together. It felt spectacularly pleasing to take a hiatus from social media posting during this special day. It was my intentions to embrace my King on his special day, without distractions. The duty of having respond to numerous notifications would have taken away precious time from his day. We literally enjoyed each other and our private time together.

Kings and Queens, in this year, be sure to discover creative methods to foster appealing memories with your spouse, children, and family. It’s a great idea to find special moments to bond on a regular basis. Don’t wait an entire year to take a family photo or take a short trip. This small investment of time can do wonders for your family and mental health. Even if it’s a backyard camping trip. It’s the imagination and time spent together that makes these moments priceless. We must disallow the woes of this pandemic to steal our joy and happiness. These intangible positive vibes live within each of us. We must aim to connect with positive people that add undeniable value to our network and mental net worth.

Kings and Queens, it’s in our duty to live our best life. Regardless of the battle we face as a global unit, we must never lose site of our dreams. Stay focused and know that this time too shall pass. But make each moment count as it passes. I plan to smile all year and celebrate small milestone along the way. This year is the year of unlimited potential and ambition. Don’t give up!

So, cheers to another of year of life and also to the love of my life. Cheers to you all, Dreamers and DReamettes. Cheers to me. Cheers! This year we plan to increase our faith and desire to succeed

I wish all my readers prosperity in this year. Stay strong and keep knocking down your goals. Focus on the positives and not the negative. Get away from negative folks and do you! Only you know what truly makes you smile. Do that! More and more. I love you King and Queen Squad. Happy Birthday to my King!!!

Squad Up. Crowns on! – Dr. Shon

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