As the season changes, dig deeper! You are worth it! #BreonnaTaylor

By Dr. Shonteral Redmond, Motivational Dentist

Hello autumn, please be nice. As the seasons change it is my hopes that we as people across this country, the world, and the universe, discover new ways to seek balance and prosperity during such confusing times. I urge each of us to stand steadfast in our mission and always remember to serve for a purpose. If you are uncertain about how to stay strong, just dig deep. And what do I mean by the phrase, “just dig deep.” With you, lies of a strong soul, created by God, designed in his very own image. You were born to survive any storms in your vicinity. Just reflect back at my African ancestors, stolen, brought to America, where they were subjected to decades of torture, murder, abuse, famine, slavery, and the list goes on. They had to endure things that we could never even fathom.

Today we still face so many inequities and inequalities in the justice system, educational system, healthcare system, career and life and business systems, the financial institutions, family unit, and more importantly our dreams. But today is not the day to stop and dwell on the negativity that is threaded into the fabric of our history as African-Americans and underserved people. Today is the day that we use those stepping stones laid by our ancestors to create a new addition to the fabric of our DNA. We must continue being creative, humanistic, kind, justice seeking, strong soldiers in the battle of life. It’s important that we continue to dream beyond our environment and current atmosphere. Remember to dream beyond poverty and disadvantages. Today is the day to find inspiration that dwells within yourself. Utilize self-care tools and the love you receive from God, prayer and faith, to fuel the deep burning desire to win. This can also help you overcome any obstacles you may face. Positive vibes exist but you must be willing to seek them out, accept them with open arms, use them, and keep them in all sacredness. Just don’t quit trying. Now is not the time to give up. 

As we mourn for the loss of so many fallen soldiers and African-Americans from police brutality and gun violence, we must stay strong. For the innocent beautiful queen Breonna Taylor, my heart weeps. She was murdered in her home by police officers in the middle of the night. I pray, God please provide justice. The chains may be invisible in today’s society whereas throughout history they were physical and visible, they even seemed permanent. But we kept fighting! We kept fighting for our cause and for our children’s future. It is on the back of our ancestors, the slaves but really they were true Gods of Africa.

Kings and Queens we rise today and continue this fight. Stay strong! Stay strong! I know we can do it. Now is the time to be the best person that you can be, build your character to the point where it is indeed unbreakable. Stand strong on your faith and your belief that we too shall overcome this. I have a dream, that dream is for me to continue living my dreams and to inspire other people to live their dreams.

Have a blessed, safe, purposeful day. Please, let’s keep safe, positive and never stop fighting for what you believe in. Amen – Dr. Shon


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