Are dentist really that scary? My patients think so! But I’m here to change that. I’m the Motivational Dentist!

A middle aged patient, mid thirties, enters operatory with mother for a one surface filling. Patient (pt) was shaking and nervous. Patients demeanor revealed discomfort with the dental setting. Pt and mother voiced opinions about the visible fear patient had regarding getting a filling.

Me: We are going to go slow and I will guide you thru this experience. You are in control. You shouldn’t feel any pain. If you do raise your left hand. Now just relax. *administers anesthesia

Pt: *slowly lies back, still shaking. *mother coercing him to stay calm.

Me: *Talks slowly, walks him step by step, motivating him throughout the filling procedure.

We finished, his mother was shocked, and he had a huge smile! Just like that his fear of the dentist is alleviated.

Mom: What’s your name again. Thank you so much. Wow. Do you have a card? Where will you be?

Me: No problem. My pleasure. I’ll be here. They have my contact at the front desk.

Mom: Can you please write your name down? Thank you again. Patient still smiling. So excited he requested an additional service. *he lies back in the chair

This is exactly how 20 minutes of my day went. I couldn’t rush, I had to take my time. I meet patients like this all the time with a significant fear of dentist. As the motivational dentist, it’s my duty to alleviate that fear. Dental technology and procedures have advanced far from the days of pulling teeth without anesthesia. Today there are so many options for patient comfort. My solution for most fearful patients works most of the time. What’s my secret? Wellll, it may just surprise you. Answer: a friendly voice and a caring, motivating spirit. It calms them down every time.

Another point that really calms patients, is education. Once you teach patients about their dentition it really motivates them to incorporate daily brushing and flossing more consistently in their routine. Good oral hygiene prevents toothaches, periodontal disease, and a host of other symptoms and illnesses. One bad tooth will change your entire day and life! Sleep and eating will be nearly impossible, ask anybody. One patient said her symptoms were so bad that I can’t even repeat what she said she’d rather do!

So brush your teeth! Follow for more tips and education to help you treat your teeth like angels. Also shop our exclusive toothbrush collection! What color should we drop next?

Thanks for reading Kings & Queens… I loveeeee my Squaddd! Crowns on. 🙏🏾💕😎

Blessed to change the stigma about dentist! ✊🏾😎
today was exhausting up but my patients make it worth while. #MotivationalDentist #blackdoctorsmatter #blackdoctorswhitecoats

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