Another Day of Positivity & Peace! Self love is everything!

Hi Kings & Queens,

Today is a great day to step out on faith. Today is a wonderful day to chase your dreams with stamina and intention, you will rise above all the obstacles you may face along your daily journey. It’s time to believe from the inside out, that you deserve a life that makes your soul smile with gratitude. Today is a great day to be positive with intentions and rebuke all things that fail to align with your aspirations towards success and accomplishing your short term and long term life goals. Of course, this level of strong positivity requires self love. Everyday is an opportunity to realize just how valuable and amazing you are. Never doubt your self, the world absolutely needs your charisma and spunk!

The negative feelings of self doubt, worthlessness, mental fatigue, stress and low self esteem have no place in your body, mind or spirit. In fact, each one of us deserve to feel peace that is derived from deep within the depth of our soul. It’s time to awaken the sleeping greatness that exist within. It’s time to live with true purpose about who you want to become in this lifetime. What are the places you desire to travel and the experiences you deserve to enjoy? How will you learn to take control of your peace and self worth?

Kings and Queens, it’s your time to shine! Stay focused and wake up with good intentions! I love you all! Sending positive vibes and many blessings to you! 🙏🏾

Dr. Shon

The Motivational Dentist

Brooklyn, NYC June 2022