The Doris “Denise” Jackson DReamergency Walk was created by Dr. Shonteral Redmond in 2016 after completing her Doctoral Degree training at Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee. “Denise” inspired Shonteral at the young age of 5 to become a doctor by simply whispering the words, “You’re going to be a doctor,” into her ear. On April 17, 1994, Shonteral and her siblings lost their mother in a fatal car crash leaving them with the difficult task of being raised without a mother and constant custody battles between their grandmothers. Dr. Shon decided to use her journey to inspire youths all over the globe to follow their DReams. Our goal is to motivate youth to pursue careers in entrepreneurship, science, math, and technology despite the obstacles presented by a difficult of life. This walk is for kid DReamers in disadvantaged and underserved youth.

The 1st Annual DReamergency Walk was held in Tallahassee, Florida in 2017 at Lake Ella. Our community of DReamergency Walkers included 5 children all with exciting, bright futures. Each year we grow bigger and better. With donations from our sponsors, virtual walkers, and community we are able to offer more scholarships, events, and programs for disadvantaged youth. The DReamergency Walk is a movement.

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