10 Ways To Embrace the Next Level of your Life. Unapologetically!

“Embrace the Next Level of your life. Unapologetically.” -Dr. Shon

Do you have enough endurance to overcome bad moods and failed plans. Are you expecting everyday to go smooth in a peachy creamy-like fashion? Will you fold under pressure every chance life’s obstacles appear before your eyes? Can you dig deeper to see a different, more embracive view point? One that includes your highest aspirations, secret dreams, and things you’ve only manifested in privacy. I believe so. Embracing the next level of your life will require consistent faith even on the days your internal good vibe clock seems to be delayed. We as Kings and Queens are capable of embracing the bad, as well as the good. Learning to transform our teachable days into life experiences is key. Burdensome days teach us a lesson or two about maintaining a positive mindset during a storm. Nobody said the task of keeping ya head up is easy, but it’s surely doable. When irritating situations arise in our lives, it’s imperative that we continue seeking inspiration from all around us. How can we seek out a glimpse of good vibes even when we don’t feel like it?This blog will reveal 10 tips to help you turn a desperate, dilapidated day into a purpose filled, mind growing day.


Good vibes can be found in other inspiring people, blogs, video, and books. They can also be found in deep conversations with friends and close family members. One of the best ways to find good vibes is thru self care, vacation time, bonding time with loved ones, celebrations, and dream chasing. Good vibes are everywhere, catch one or throw one! – Dr. Shon

It’s so easy to move along each day without actually cherishing the day. Life has a way of taunting us with unexpected surprises that toss our plans, to do list, and schedules into a chaotic war zone. We’ve all had those days! Those days where you just don’t feel like digging your head from underneath the blanket and pillows. We’ve all had days where we feel like we need a vacation. Actually, I’m starting the first day of my vacation as I write this blog piece. Trust me, I couldn’t wait to take a mental break from 2020 and all of this years curve balls; also realizing that my time is of the essence. I barely get time to spend with self care due to my busy life as a dentist; sometimes that aggravates me. You see, I too have those please leave me alone days. Ya know, when you’re feeling lazy, bothered, and not in the mood for convo.

“Good vibes are everywhere, catch one or throw one.” – Dr. Shon

There is a remedy for gaining your freedom and time back. I don’t know about you, but I plan on using my few vacation days to seek our ways to embrace life in a more efficient capacity. The next level of my life will be full of good will, financial freedom, consistent health consciousness, motivation, and lots of faith. I’m claiming it ahead of time. Of course, adapting to a positive lifestyle is no overnight feat, it all starts with day one. Most people never accomplish their goals because they say, “One day I’m going back to school…” but they never take the initiative to research the enrollment requirements or ask questions about the which degree program excites their interest. Why not take that leap of faith towards success today? Manifest the dreams you’ve withheld for so long, do it TODAY! Believe it today! In order to make all of life’s aspirations come to fruition, we must manifest them in our daily visions and goals. Kings and Queens, having consistent positivity and fruitfulness is truly possible if you desire it enough. Speak life into your dreams and goals. Manifest your good days and thank God for your bad days. All of our days, whether good or bad, make us a better, more well rounded, an indestructible force to be reckoned with. Manifestation is one of the best ways to embrace the next level of our life. Here are 10 other ways to endure more life and transform negative to positive.

10 Ways to Embrace the Next Level of your Life:

  1. Speak Life into Your Dreams and Goals
  2. Never Underestimate the power of failure. Fail and try again. This means that you are determined to break through the barriers between you and your goals.
  3. Be a magnet for other positive people and environments. If you put out positivity, positivity will be attracted back to you. If you dish out negativity, negativity will be attracted back to you. Period.
  4. Cut off anything that lacks a purpose in your future and /or the plans you’ve created for success. You don’t have much time to waste. Stay focused on your intentions.
  5. Devise a plan, weekly, monthly, yearly, to help you accomplish your top priorities. Write your purpose down. Review it. Reward yourself when you accomplish the goals you’ve set.
  6. Meditate daily to clear your mind from toxic energies absorbed all over a stressful day. Release bad vibes by taking a steamy, hot shower. Meditate while listening to waterfalls or Sade’ (or whatever music relaxes your mind or silence is sometimes golden). Take a brisk stroll along a shaded trail as you listen to the birds sing a melody. Let it go! Let life grow!!
  7. Develop a weekly Self Care routine. Be sure to include exercise such as yoga or pilates. A little tender, loving, care (TLC) never hurt anybody. Pamper yourself regularly. Goals are a lot more accomplishable when you feel great about being you. You deserve to be healthy and happy. After all, health is wealth.
  8. Be the leader of your own parade. Never be afraid to let your little shine until it becomes a big light.
  9. Stop doubting yourself for every little mistake. We all make mistakes. Learn to use failures as fuel to fund passion. Mistakes make us wiser. Never dwell on the negativity of a failure, focus on the lesson.
  10. Be in favor of your life and all the blessings you may have begun to overlook. Realize that all things are possible with God.

In closing, as we navigate out of 2020 with hopes for a more prosperous 2021, don’t forget to use these 10 tips to help you embrace the next level of your life. Life is going to be amazing, just claim the life you desire. Take your time but don’t waste your time. Every day you must think about new ways and visions to help you be successful. You deserve it.

I’ll be taking my own advice as I start my vacation. To be honest, I love writing this blog and connecting to the world. If I could find more time to embrace more of this passion I would be elated. Time will tell. It amazes me to see readers all of over the world, in the United States, Sweden, France, Nigeria, and Jamaica to name a few. Thank you for the support. Remember #blacklivesmatter

Kings and Queens, until the next blog, I pray you each have a blessed, blessed September. Don’t forget to spread love, wear your invisible crown daily, andddddd embrace the next level of your life! Peaceeeeee

Leave a comment and let me know what tips you have to embrace the next level of life? Where are you reading from?

“Don’t forget to spread love, wear your invisible crown daily, andddddd embrace the next level of your life!” – Dr. Shon

I love you FamILy,

Dr. Shon

The Motivational Dentist

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